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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage American
Pronounced Pron. Like Holiday only with an S  [key]
Other Forms FormsSolida; Salada, salida, - prevalent throughout PA, Eastern OH, Kentucky, and have run into a few in TX and Co

Meaning & History

Reportedly German and Dutch background? Never have really known. The history that has been told my siblings and I is that three brothers came from Germany to the US in late 1800 and went into business in Phila - they eventually argued and split up and two of them changed the spelling of their last name and scattered throughout PA - When I left home in 1963 - mY Father James Edward Soliday, son of John Soliday and Martha Freidline Soliday and us children were the only ones in our area. When I retied and came back home in 1992 there were dozens of families in a thrity mile radius of Punxsutawney PA that have our last name or Salada, Solida, Salida - I have been trying to research since then and cannot get to the bottom of where when and how and who. I can find some of the Freidline side, but very little on my dad or his sister Anna Mae Airgood Soliday. Can you help - Thank You
Added 6/24/2011 by James E, Soliday
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