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Type Surname (from location)
Usage English
Other Forms FormsStanding

Meaning & History

habitational name predominantly from Standen in Pendleton (Lancashire) and Standean in Ditchling (Sussex) but also from other places similarly named including Standen in East Grinstead (Sussex) Standen in Biddenden (Kent) Standen in Benenden (Kent) Upper and Lower Standen in Hawkinge (Kent) Standen (Berkshire Wiltshire Isle of Wight) and Standon (Devon Hampshire Hertfordshire Staffordshire). The Lancashire Hampshire and Wiltshire placenames as well as Standean in Ditchling (Sussex) derive from Old English stan "stone rock" and denu "valley"; Standen in East Grinstead (Sussex) derives from Old English stan and denu or denn "pasture"; Standen in Benenden and Standen in Biddenden (Kent) derive from Old English stanig "stony rocky" and denn; Standen in Hawkinge (Kent) derives from Old English stan and denn; the Berkshire Devon Hertfordshire Isle of Wight and Staffordshire placenames derive from Old English stan and dun "hill".
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