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Type Surname (from location)
Other Forms FormsTrabotto

Meaning & History

From the Burgundian town Trévoux, earlier Trévou.

This was a notable family in the Provençal Jewish community which remained after the other Jews were expelled from France in the 14th century, although they were eventually expelled in 1488 where they moved to Italy.

Notable bearers include:
Yehiel Trabot is listed in the index of known Jews in Medieval France in Rabbi Heinrich Gross' book "Gallia Judaica".

Perez "Zarfati" or "Catalini" Trabot was a 14th-15th century writer who went to or was possibly born in Catalonia after the expulsion from France, before eventually moving to Italy. Composed "Makrei Dardekei", a Hebrew–French and Hebrew–Catalan dictionary.

Jehiel Trabot was an early 16th century rabbi in Pesaro, Italy, the grandson of Rabbi Joseph Colon Trabotto.

Joseph Colon Trabotto, born Joseph ben Solomon Trabot. Colon was raised in Savoyard, capital of Chambéry, where his family had migrated after the expulsion of the Jews from France (1394). Colon's primary teacher was his father, an eminent talmudist in his own right, though he mentions having studied under other scholars in Chambéry. In his early thirties he migrated to the Piedmont, where he maintained himself through a combination of teaching children and older students and occasional loan-banking. In the late 1450s he headed a yeshivah in Savigliano.
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