Judeo-Provençal Submitted Surnames

Judeo-Provençal names were used by Jews in southern France. See also about Jewish names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Astruc Judeo-Provençal
Means "happy, lucky" in Occitan and Provençal (see Astruc).
Cabrit Medieval Occitan, Provençal, Judeo-Provençal, Occitan
Occitanian byname meaning ""billy-goat"" see: Vulgar Latin "cabritus", from "cabrire" from older Latine "caper". ... [more]
Caslari Jewish (Archaic), Judeo-Provençal, Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-French
Abraham ben David Caslari was a Catalan-Jewish physician. Abraham Caslari (presumably a different man) is also listed in the index of known Jews in France in the late middle ages in the book Judaia Gallica by Heinrich Gross.
Caylar Medieval Occitan, Judeo-Provençal
Mediaeval Occitan word for ""Castle"". This lives on in the Occitanian commune "Le Caylar-en-Larzac"
Farissol Judeo-Provençal
Abraham ben Mordecai Farissol was a Jewish-Italian geographer, cosmographer, scribe, and polemicist. He was the first Hebrew writer to deal in detail with the newly-discovered Americas, born in Avignon in 1451.
Orgerii Jewish, Judeo-Provençal
Aaron Orgerii is listed in the index of names of Jews in France in the late middle ages in Heinrich Gross' book Judaia Gallica. There is also an extent copy of a deed between "the Jew Nathan Orgerii and Johannes Raynaud", written in Arles in Provence in 1366... [more]
Trabot Judeo-Provençal, Judeo-Italian
From the Burgundian town Trévoux, earlier Trévou. ... [more]