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Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Italian
Pronounced Pron. Trent uh doo, Trent uh doo ay  [key]

Meaning & History

Trentadue, Joseph, Trentadue Irene, Trentadue Leo, Trentadue Evelyn, Trentadue Victor, Trentadue Cindy, Trentadue Steven, Trentadue Tyler, Trentadue Winery

Our family name originated from the region of Bari, Apulia, Italy. The name translates to the number 32. Family tradition claims that 32 families immigrated from the areas of either France or Egypt, (our family has heard both versions), and settled near the village of Modugno near Bari. As they initially kept much to themselves, they became known as "the 32," and the name was eventually accepted as the surname of the descendants of these immigrants.

Little else is known of the origin of this name, perhaps because the original immigrants may not all have been from the same family and originally had different surnames, if any. It has also been speculated that the origin of the families may, in fact, have been Egypt, and so they may have spoken a language entirely unknown to the other inhabitants of the area. If so, this difficulty with communication, as well as the cultural differences, may be the reason for the families keeping so much to themselves. However, research has uncovered no conclusive basis for this speculation and the same may be said of immigrants from France, with the possible exception that their latin-based language may have lessened the communication difficulties somewhat.

As with many immigrants' surnames, on arrival in America, the pronunciation was "Americanized", probably because the immigrants tired of constantly trying to correct the pronunciation. Many family members use the Americanized Trent ah doo, rather than the Italian Trent ah doo ay, but both are correct.
Added 5/29/2015 by The Family of Joseph Trentadue, Healdsburg, Califo