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Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. too-rue-bee-are-tess
Other Forms FormsTurrubiates (without the third R)

Meaning & History

When it comes to the history of the surname, Turrubiartes, there seems to be very little information. However, based on the known origins of my family, located in parts of Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí, México, I am able to conclude that the surname traces back to the Spain region of Basque Country. Starting with a Spanish, Basque Country conquistador named Martin de Turrubiartes, when arriving to modern day México, founded the town of Cerritos, San Luis Potosí around 1640. Cerritos was then part of Guadalcázar, finally established by state decree in 1826. It was granted a train station which connected the state capital, San Luis Potosí, and the city of Tampico, located in Tamaulipas, a state in the Gulf of Mexico. Ultimately, as a results of this, it established a very small percentage of the Mexican population to carry such Spanish, Basque Country ancestry in the Northeastern part México.

When detailing ways to recognize Basque non-patronymic surnames, one can understand the high frequency of certain elements and endings used in their formation, bearing in mind the spelling variants. Now, when applying this information to this surname, the modern spelling of the part -arte of the surname means "between". Meanwhile, the -urru part of the surname means "far, beyond".
Added 2/17/2021 by Natalia Turrubiates