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Type Surname (from location)
Usage English
Other Forms FormsWinterburne, Winterborn, Winterbourne, Winterborne, Winterbourn

Meaning & History

habitational name from any of various places called with Old English winter "winter" and burna "stream" meaning "winter stream" for a stream which only flows or flows at a faster rate during the winter and more or less dries up in summer such as Winterburn in Gargrave (Yorkshire) Winterbourne (Berkshire Gloucestershire) Winterbourne Bassett (Wiltshire) or one of thirteen parishes named Winterborne in Dorset including Winterborne Abbas Winterborne Monkton and Winterborne Zelstone. In most cases the form Winterburn can be associated with Winterburn in Gargrave (Yorkshire) though no such association can be made between other surname forms and corresponding placenames.
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