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Type Surname
Scripts 矢吹, 藪亀(Japanese Kanji) やぶき(Japanese Hiragana)
Pronounced Pron. YA-BOO-KYEE  [key·IPA]
Other Forms FormsTanibuki, Yabukame, Yabugame

Meaning & History

Derived from the Japanese kanji 矢 (ya) meaning "arrow" and 吹 (buki), from 吹き (buki), the joining continuative form of 吹く (fuku) meaning "to blow". It can also derive from 藪 (yabu) meaning "thicket; grove; copse" and 亀 (ki) meaning "tortoise, turtle". It is a reference to an event in the Heian Period, of a straggler who got lost in bamboo thickets and killed a turtle which with its shell divined direction.

Other kanji combinations are also possible.
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