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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword courtroom.
Aldershof Dutch
Means "Aldert's courtyard" from the given name Aldert combined with Dutch hof "yard, court".
Appelhof Dutch
Indicated a person who lived by or at an apple garden, from Dutch appel "apple" and hof "yard, court".
Beethoven Dutch (Archaic)
From a place name derived from Dutch beet "beet, beetroot" and hoven "farms". This name was borne by the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), whose family was of Flemish origin. The surname is now mostly extinct.
Corti Italian
From Italian corte meaning "court, yard".
Courtois French
French form of Curtis.
Hoefler German
Variant of Hofer.
Hofer German
Occupational name for a farmer, from German Hof "farm", from Old High German hof "yard, court".
Hoffmann German
From Middle High German hofmann meaning "farmer".
Höfler German
Variant of Hofer.
Hofmeister German
Means "master of the household", from Old High German hof "yard, court, house" and meistar "master" (from Latin magister).