Surnames Categorized "German cities"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include German cities.
Cullen 1 English
From the name of the German city of Cologne, which was derived from Latin colonia "colony".
Dresdner German
Originally indicated a person who came from the city of Dresden in German.
Gass German
Name for someone who lived on a street in a city, from German gasse.
Heppenheimer German
From the name of the city of Heppenheim in Hesse, Germany.
Nuremberg German
Derived from the name of a city in Bavaria, Germany.
Salzwedel German
Originally denoted a person from Salzwedel, Germany, which is of Old Saxon origin meaning "salt ford".
Schöttmer German
Originally indicated a person from Schötmar, Germany (now part of the city of Bad Salzuflen in North Rhine-Westphalia).
Von Essen German
Means "from Essen", a city in Germany, possibly a derivative of Old High German asc meaning "ash tree".