Surnames Categorized "rugby union Wallabies"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include rugby union Wallabies.
Arnold English
Derived from the given name Arnold.
Bell 1 English
From Middle English belle meaning "bell". It originated as a nickname for a person who lived near the town bell, or who had a job as a bell-ringer.
Donaldson English
Means "son of Donald".
Frost English, German
From Old English and Old High German meaning "frost", a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.
Gordon Scottish
From the name of a place in Berwickshire, Scotland, derived from Brythonic words meaning "spacious fort".
Hooper English
Occupational name for someone who put the metal hoops around wooden barrels.
Kemény Hungarian
Means "firm, hard, tough" in Hungarian.
McDermott Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac Diarmada meaning "son of Diarmaid". The McDermotts were nobility in the Kingdom of Connaught, a province in Ireland.
White English
Originally a nickname for a person who had white hair or a pale complexion, from Old English hwit "white".