Surnames Categorized "The Dukes of Hazzard characters"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include The Dukes of Hazzard characters.
Amos Jewish
From the given name Amos.
Appleby English
From the name of various English towns, derived from Old English æppel "apple" and Old Norse býr "farm, settlement".
Benson English
Means "son of Benedict".
Burns 1 English, Scottish
Derived from Old English burna "stream, spring". A famous bearer was the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796).
Dexter English
Occupational name meaning "dyer" in Old English (originally this was a feminine word, but it was later applied to men as well).
Duke English
From the noble title, which was originally from Latin dux "leader". It was a nickname for a person who behaved like a duke, or who worked in a duke's household.
Harper English
Originally belonged to a person who played the harp or who made harps.
Lee 1 English
Originally given to a person who lived on or near a leah, Old English meaning "woodland, clearing".
Little English
Meaning simply "little", it was originally a nickname given to a short person.
Mason English
Occupational name for a stoneworker or layer of bricks, from Old French masson, of Frankish origin (akin to Old English macian "to make").
McKay Scottish
Anglicized form of MacAoidh.
Meadows English
Referred to one who lived in a meadow, from Old English mædwe.
Perkins English
Means "son of Perkin", a medieval diminutive of Peter.
Potter English
Occupational name for a potter, one who makes earthen vessels. This surname was used by J. K. Rowling for the hero in her Harry Potter series of books, first released in 1997.
Thompson English
Means "son of Thomas".
Watkins English
Derived from the Middle English given name Wat or Watt, which was a diminutive of the name Walter.