Surnames Categorized "vibraphonists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include vibraphonists.
Auer German
From German Aue, Old High German ouwa, meaning "meadow by a river, wetland".
Ayers 1 English
From Middle English eir meaning "heir".
Burton English
From a common English place name, derived from Old English meaning "fortified town".
Gibbs English, Scottish
Means "son of Gib".
Hampton English
From the name of multiple towns in England, derived from Old English ham "home" or ham "water meadow, enclosure" and tun "enclosure, yard, town".
Hardy English, French
From Old French and Middle English hardi meaning "bold, daring, hardy", from the Germanic root *harduz.
Harris English
Means "son of Harry".
Hayes 1 English
From various English place names that were derived from Old English hæg meaning "enclosure, fence". A famous bearer was American President Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893).
Hoggard English
Occupational name meaning "pig herder", from Old English hogg "hog" and hierde "herdsman, guardian".
Jackson English
Means "son of Jack". Famous bearers of this name are the American president Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) and the singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009).
McCarthy Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac Cárthaigh meaning "son of Carthach".
Montgomery English, Scottish
From a place name in Calvados, France meaning "Gumarich's mountain". A notable bearer was Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976), a British army commander during World War II.
Nelson 1 English
Means "son of Neil". This name was borne by the British admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805).
Norton English
From the name of various towns in England meaning "north town" in Old English.
Parks English
Patronymic form of Park 3.
Richards English
Derived from the given name Richard.
Robinson English
Means "son of Robin".
Ross English, Scottish
From various place names (such as the region of Ross in northern Scotland), which are derived from Scottish Gaelic ros meaning "promontory, headland".
Sangster English, Scottish
Occupational name or nickname for a singer, from Old English singan "to sing, to chant".
Sherman 1 English
Means "shear man", referring to someone who used shears in his line of work, such as a sheep-shearer.
Tjäder Swedish
Means "wood grouse" in Swedish.
Underwood English
Means "dweller at the edge of the woods", from Old English under and wudu.
Ware 1 English
From Old English wer meaning "dam, weir", indicating someone who lived near such a structure.
Washington English
From a place name meaning "settlement belonging to Wassa's people", from the given name Wassa and Old English tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town". A famous bearer was George Washington (1732-1799), the first president of the United States. This surname was sometimes adopted by freed slaves, resulting in a high proportion of African-American bearers.
Winchester English
From an English place name, derived from Venta, of Celtic origin, and Latin castrum meaning "camp, fortress".
Wolf German, English
From Middle High German or Middle English wolf meaning "wolf", or else from an Old German given name beginning with this element.