Surnames Categorized "victory"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include victory.
Chey Khmer
Means "victory" in Khmer, from Sanskrit जय (jaya).
Kemp English
Derived from Middle English kempe meaning "champion, warrior".
Mac Niadh Irish
Means "son of Niadh" in Irish. The given name Niadh means "champion".
Siegel 2 German
Derived from the diminutive of Old German given names beginning with the element sigu meaning "victory".
Sitz 1 German
Derived from a given name beginning with the Old High German element sigu meaning "victory".
Victor French, English
Derived from the male given name Victor.
Vincent 1 English, French
From the given name Vincent.
Zino Italian
Derived from the given name Zino, a short form of names ending with -zino, such as Lorenzino, a diminutive of Lorenzo, or Vincenzino, a diminutive of Vincenzo.