Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows. If shown, the year indicates when the show premiered.
NameYearShowOther Names
Donna Abandando1993NYPD Blue
Amy Abbott2002Everwood
Bright Abbott2002Everwood
Harold Abbott2002Everwood
Linda Abbott2002Everwood
Rose Abbott2002Everwood
Finn Abernathy2005Bones
Artie Abrams2009Glee
Vanessa Abrams2007Gossip Girl
John Abruzzi2005Prison Break
Ani Achola201713 Reasons Why
Daisy Adair2003Dead Like Me
Charlie Adams2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Haleh Adams1994ER
Jessica Adams2004House
Liz Adams1978Dallas
Riley Adams2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Tom Adams1996Silent Witness
Unique Adams2009Glee
Gomez Addams1964The Addams Family
Morticia Addams1964The Addams Family
Wednesday Addams1964; 2022The Addams Family; Wednesday
Zack Addy2005Bones
Grace Adler1998Will & Grace
Cary Agos2009The Good Wife
Lawrence Alamain1965Days of Our Lives
Vivian Alamain1965Days of Our Lives
Mark Albert1997Ally McBeal
Mary Albright19963rd Rock from the Sun
Carla Aldrich1999Once and Again
Lily Aldrin2005How I Met Your Mother
Macy Alexander1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Nikki Alexander1996Silent Witness
Tony Almeida2001; 201724; 24: Legacy
Richard Alpert2004Lost
Todd Alquist2008Breaking Bad
Teddy Altman2005Grey's Anatomy
Dani Alvarez2011Body of Proof
Derek Ames2011Body of Proof
Amethyst2013Steven Universe
Joseph Anders1981; 2017Dynasty
Kirby Anders1981; 2017Dynasty(Colby)
Blaine Anderson2009Glee
Crystal Anderson1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Conner)
Doug Anderson2016The Family
Heath Anderson2007Greek
Roy Anderson2005The Office
Zeke Anderson1987Tour of Duty
Andrew1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Archie Andrews2017Riverdale
Henry Andrews2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Angel1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Anita2001Presença de Anita
Donald Anspaugh1994ER
Larry Appleton1986Perfect Strangers
Betty Applewhite2004Desperate Housewives
Caleb Applewhite2004Desperate Housewives
Matthew Applewhite2004Desperate Housewives
Nate Archibald2007Gossip Girl
Arthur Arden2012American Horror Story: Asylum(Gruber, Grüper)
Marjorie Armstrong-Perugian2013Mom
Clare Arnold1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Jack Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Karen Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Kevin Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Norma Arnold1988The Wonder Years(Gustavson)
Wayne Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Edith Artois1982'Allo 'Allo!(La Fan)
René Artois1982'Allo 'Allo!
Hank Asher2016The Family
Ryan Atwood2003The O.C.
James Aubrey2005Bones
Kate Austen2004Lost
Lucille Austero2003Arrested Development
Steve Austin1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman
Jackson Avery2005Grey's Anatomy
Antwon Babcock1996Nash Bridges
C. C. Babcock1993The Nanny
Petyr Baelish2011Game of Thrones
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell2005Prison Break
Les Bailey1994Heartbreak High
Miranda Bailey2005Grey's Anatomy
Corey Baker1968Julia
Hannah Baker201713 Reasons Why
Ivy Baker1991Step by Step
Julia Baker1968Julia
Penny Baker1991Step by Step
Samantha Baker2011Body of Proof
Scott Baker1987Tour of Duty
Thomas Bale1993NYPD Blue
Cate Banfield1994ER
Ashley Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Carlton Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Delia Banks2005Ghost Whisperer
Hilary Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Ned Banks2005Ghost Whisperer
Nicky Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Philip Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Susan Banks1965Days of Our Lives
Vivian Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
B. A. Baracus1983The A-Team
Joffrey Baratheon2011Game of Thrones
Robert Baratheon2011Game of Thrones
Reid Bardem2002Everwood
Carolyn Barek2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Audra Barkley1965The Big Valley
Heath Barkley1965The Big Valley
Jarrod Barkley1965The Big Valley
Nick Barkley1965The Big Valley
Victoria Barkley1965The Big Valley
Tom Barnaby1997Midsomer Murders
Clive Barnard1992A Touch of Frost
Cliff Barnes1978Dallas
C. J. Barnes20028 Simple Rules
Willard "Digger" Barnes1978Dallas
Di Barnett1994Heartbreak High
Miles Barnett2005Surface
Ray Barnett1994ER
Savannah Barnett2005Surface
Ally Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Whelan)
Frank Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Geoffrey Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Marie Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Michael Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Benny Baroni1991Home Improvement
Nancy Bartlett1988Roseanne
Balki Bartokomous1986Perfect Strangers
Chuck Bass2007Gossip Girl
Jack Bauer2001; 201424; 24: Live Another Day
Kim Bauer200124
Teri Bauer200124
Richard Bay1997The Practice
Mr. Bean1990Mr. Bean
James Beaumont1978Dallas
Russell "Rusty" Beck2012Major Crimes
Pam Beesly2005The Office
Sheldon Beiste2009Glee
Richard Belding1987; 1989Good Morning, Miss Bliss; Saved by the Bell
Andrew Bell1994Heartbreak High
Russell "Stringer" Bell2002The Wire
William Bell2008Fringe
Andrea Belladonna2007Samantha Who?
Andy Bellefleur2008True Blood
Terry Bellefleur2008True Blood
Jackson Belleville2000Gilmore Girls(Melville)
Brad Bellick2005Prison Break
Elaine Benes1989Seinfeld
Claire Bennet2006Heroes
Lyle Bennet2006Heroes
Noah Bennet2006Heroes
Sandra Bennet2006Heroes
Jo Bennett2005The Office
Keith Bennett2008Eli Stone
Kirsten Bennett1994Party of Five(Thomas, Salinger)
Naomi Bennett2007Private Practice
Sam Bennett2007Private Practice
Victor Bennett1998Charmed
Michael "Lucky" Benoit2005Medium
Freddie Benson2007iCarly
Marissa Benson2007iCarly
Olivia Benson1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Zoe Benson2013American Horror Story: Coven
Amanda Bentley1993Diagnosis: Murder(Livingston)
Peter Benton1994ER
Jack Berger1998Sex and the City
Sky Bergman1989Baywatch
Jake Berkeley2002CSI: Miami
Jimmy Berluti1997The Practice
Harold Berman1996Hey Arnold!
Andy Bernard2005The Office
Kevin Bernard1990Law & Order
Rachel Berry2009Glee
Bert1969Sesame Street
Alberto Bertorelli1982'Allo 'Allo!
Nellie Bertram2005The Office
Grace Bertrand2012American Horror Story: Asylum
Elaine Besbriss1994Due South
Nick Biancavilla2000Strong Medicine
Chandler Bing1994Friends
Horace Bing1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Myra Bing1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Elizabeth Bishop2008Fringe
Elle Bishop2006Heroes
Ellie Bishop2003NCIS
Etta Bishop2008Fringe
Harold Bishop1985Neighbours
Madge Bishop1985Neighbours(Ramsay, Mitchell)
Peter Bishop2008Fringe
Walter Bishop2008Fringe
Belle Black1965Days of Our Lives
Brady Black1965Days of Our Lives
John Black1965Days of Our Lives
Melanie Black1994Heartbreak High
Token Black1997South Park(Williams)
Edmund Blackadder1983Blackadder
Ray Blackwell2005Close to Home
Claudia Blaisdel1981; 2017Dynasty(Barrows)
Matthew Blaisdel1981; 2017Dynasty
Daphne Blake1969Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Jessica Blake1965Days of Our Lives(Horton)
Stanford Blatch1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
Stuart Bloom2007The Big Bang Theory
Sam Blue1999Once and Again
Sean Blumberg1998Felicity
Buster Bluth2003Arrested Development
George Bluth Sr.2003Arrested Development
George Michael Bluth2003Arrested Development
Gob Bluth2003Arrested Development
Lindsay Bluth Fünke2003Arrested Development
Lucille Bluth2003Arrested Development(Jenkins)
Michael Bluth2003Arrested Development
Oscar Bluth2003Arrested Development
Natalia Boa Vista2002CSI: Miami
Sam Bocquelet2011Stella and Sam
Stella Bocquelet2011Stella and Sam
Angie Bolen2004Desperate Housewives(de Luca)
Danny Bolen2004Desperate Housewives
Nick Bolen2004Desperate Housewives
Alan Bolton1994Heartbreak High
Stella Bonasera2004CSI: NY
Jeff Boomhauer1997King of the Hill
Parker Booth2005Bones
Seeley Booth2005Bones
Con Bordino1994Heartbreak High
Helen Bordino1994Heartbreak High
Roberto Bordino1994Heartbreak High
Alexandra Borgia1990Law & Order
Al Borland1991Home Improvement
John Bosley1976Charlie's Angels
Mark Boudreau201424: Live Another Day
Jeanie Boulet1994ER
Jonathan Bower1984Who's the Boss?
Luke Boyd2000Waking the Dead
Peter Boyd2000Waking the Dead
Woody Boyd1982Cheers
Eugene Bradford1965Days of Our Lives
Rob Bradley1996Silent Witness
Carrie Bradshaw1998; 2013; 2021Sex and the City; The Carrie Diaries; And Just Like That...
Bo Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Bobby Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Carol Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Martin, Tyler)
Caroline Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Carrie Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Cassie Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Chelsea Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Reed)
Ciara Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Cindy Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Martin)
Claire Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Eric Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Frankie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Von Leuschner)
Greg Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Jan Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Martin, Covington)
Kayla Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Kimberly Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Marcia Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Martin, Logan)
Max Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Becker)
Mike Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Peter Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Rex Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Roman Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Sami Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn-Douglas Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Steve Brady1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
Zack Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Arthur Branch1990Law & Order
Jeffrey Brandau2001Crossing Jordan
Phil Brander2000The District
Jim Brass2000; 2021CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; CSI: Vegas
Creed Bratton2005The Office
Loren Bray1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Wendell Bray2005Bones
Russ Brennan2005Bones(Keenan)
Temperance "Bones" Brennan2005Bones(Keenan)
Simon Brenner1994ER
David Brent2001The Office
Dave Brewer2001McLeod's Daughters
Martin Brewer19967th Heaven
Patrick Brewer2001McLeod's Daughters
Cassidy Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Kelly Bridges1996Nash Bridges(Weld)
Lisa Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Nick Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Brienne of Tarth2011Game of Thrones
Niall Brigant2008True Blood
Norman Briggs1993Diagnosis: Murder
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe1993Frasier
Lennie Briscoe1990Law & Order
Jack Bristow2001Alias
Sydney Bristow2001Alias
Edie Britt2004Desperate Housewives(McLain, Rothwell, Williams)
Kyle Brody1998Charmed
Matt Brody1989Baywatch
Morgan Brody2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Gerald Broflovski1997South Park
Ike Broflovski1997South Park(Gintz)
Kyle Broflovski1997South Park
Sheila Broflovski1997South Park
Aaron Brooks1999Once and Again
Judy Brooks1999Once and Again
Q. Brooks1996Moesha
Ronnie Brooks1994Heartbreak High
Luke Brower1985Growing Pains
Father Brown2013Father Brown
Andy Brown2002Everwood
Cleveland Brown1999; 2009Family Guy; The Cleveland Show
Delia Brown2002Everwood
Ephram Brown2002Everwood
Graham Brown1994Heartbreak High
Velvet Brown1960National Velvet
Warrick Brown2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Oliver Browne1996Suddenly Susan
Phillip Broyles2008Fringe
Curtis Brumfield2011Body of Proof
Cindy Brunson Walton1972The Waltons
Bonnibel Bubblegum2010Adventure Time
Bill Buchanan200124
Hobie Buchannon1989Baywatch
Mitch Buchannon1989Baywatch
Burt Buchman1992Mad About You
Ira Buchman1992Mad About You
Mabel Buchman1992Mad About You
Paul Buchman1992Mad About You
Sylvia Buchman1992Mad About You
Hyacinth Bucket1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth(Walton)
Richard Bucket1990Keeping Up Appearances
Sheridan Bucket1990Keeping Up Appearances
Frank Buffay Jr.1994Friends
Phoebe Buffay1994Friends
Ursula Buffay1994Friends
Bullwinkle J. Moose1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Susan Bunch1994Friends
Al Bundy1987Married... with Children
Bud Bundy1987Married... with Children
Kelly Bundy1987Married... with Children
Peggy Bundy1987Married... with Children(Wanker)
Archie Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place
Edith Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place(Baines)
Timmy Burch1997South Park
Hazel Burke1961Hazel
Juliet Burke2004Lost(Carlson)
Mel Burke2010Melissa & Joey
Preston Burke2005Grey's Anatomy
Richard Burke1994Friends
Jackie Burkhart1998That '70s Show
Fred Burkle1999Angel
Aiden Burn2004CSI: NY
Montgomery Burns1989The Simpsons
Lincoln "L. J." Burrows Jr.2005Prison Break
Lincoln Burrows2005Prison Break
Rose Burton1972The Waltons
Nat Bussichio1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Geoffrey Butler1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Greg Butters1997Ally McBeal
Joyce Byers2016Stranger Things
Charlie Byrd1994Heartbreak High
Alexandra Cabot1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
John Cage1997Ally McBeal
Christine Cagney1982Cagney & Lacey
Julius Cain2009; 2017The Good Wife; The Good Fight
Horatio Caine2002CSI: Miami
Gina Calabrese1984Miami Vice(Navarro)
Jenny Calendar1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Kalderash)
Francie Calfo2001Alias
Robert California2005The Office(Kazamakis)
Zoe Callas2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Megan Calvet2007Mad Men
Theodore "T. C." Calvin1980Magnum, P.I.
Annie Camden19967th Heaven(Jackson)
David Camden19967th Heaven
Eric Camden19967th Heaven
Lucy Camden19967th Heaven(Kinkirk)
Mary Camden19967th Heaven
Matt Camden19967th Heaven
Ruthie Camden19967th Heaven
Sam Camden19967th Heaven
Simon Camden19967th Heaven
Allison Cameron2004House
Andy Campbell2000Strong Medicine
Hakeem Campbell1996; 1999Moesha; The Parkers
Nina Campbell19963rd Rock from the Sun
Pete Campbell2007Mad Men
Candy Canaday1959Bonanza
Neely Capshaw1989Baywatch
Chaka Cardenes1994Heartbreak High
Jane Cardone2016The Family
Jesse Cardoza2002CSI: Miami
Boone Carlyle2004Lost
Abbie Carmichael1990Law & Order
Demelza Carne1975Poldark
Leon Carp1988Roseanne
Lou Carpenter1985Neighbours
Adam Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Harrison, Torrance)
Amanda Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Bedford)
Ben Carrington1981Dynasty
Blake Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty
Danny Carrington1981Dynasty
Fallon Carrington1981; 1985; 2017The Colbys; Dynasty
Krystina Carrington1981Dynasty
Krystle Carrington1981Dynasty(Grant, Jennings)
Leslie Carrington1981Dynasty
Sammy Jo Carrington1981Dynasty(Dean)
Steven Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty
Bryn Carson1996Nash Bridges
Yvette Carte-Blanche1982'Allo 'Allo!
John Carter1994ER
Joss Carter2011Person of Interest
Sam Carter1997Stargate SG-1
Sheila Carter1973; 1987The Young and the Restless; The Bold and the Beautiful
Eric Cartman1997South Park
Liane Cartman1997South Park
Adam Cartwright1959Bonanza
Ben Cartwright1959Bonanza
Casey Cartwright2007Greek
Eric "Hoss" Cartwright1959Bonanza
Jamie Cartwright1959Bonanza(Hunter)
"Little" Joe Cartwright1959Bonanza
Rusty "Spitter" Cartwright2007Greek
Will Cartwright1959Bonanza
Abe Carver1965Days of Our Lives
Lexie Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Brooks)
Ron Carver2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Theo Carver1965Days of Our Lives
Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas2004Veronica Mars
Dick Casablancas2004Veronica Mars
David Cassilli1999Once and Again
Marty Castillo1984Miami Vice
Olivier Castro-Staal2001Six Feet Under
Jordan Cavanaugh2001Crossing Jordan
Max Cavanaugh2001Crossing Jordan
Pete Cavanaugh1997Dharma & Greg
Sarah Cavendish2000Waking the Dead
Joe Celano1999Family Law
Phil Cerreta1990Law & Order
Thomas Chamberlain1996Silent Witness
Diane Chambers1982Cheers
Evan Chambers2007Greek
Michelle Chan1996Nash Bridges
Liz Chandler1965Days of Our Lives
Mike Chang2009Glee
Ted Chaough2007Mad Men
Piper Chapman2013Orange Is the New Black
Chuck Charles2007Pushing Daisies
Keith Charles2001Six Feet Under
Lily Charles2007Pushing Daisies
Miranda Charles1996Suddenly Susan
Vivian Charles2007Pushing Daisies
Annabeth Chase2005Close to Home
Cordelia Chase1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Jack Chase2005Close to Home
Robert Chase2004House
Morton Chegley1968Julia
Jing-Mei Chen1994ER
Billy Chenowith2001Six Feet Under
Brenda Chenowith2001Six Feet Under
Margaret Chenowith2001Six Feet Under
Libby Chessler1996Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Leo Chingkwake1998That '70s Show
Chris2005Everybody Hates Chris
Ralph Christie2000Waking the Dead
Aleksander Cirko2005Surface
Jim Clancy2005Ghost Whisperer
John Clark Jr.1993NYPD Blue
Marissa Clark1996Early Edition
Cliff Clavin1982Cheers
Holly Cleary2008True Blood(Darwin)
Sandor Clegane2011Game of Thrones
Gabe Clements2016The Family
Richard Coad1998Felicity
Emerson Cod2007Pushing Daisies
Roy Coffee1959Bonanza
Kirsten Cohen2003The O.C.(Nichol)
Sandy Cohen2003The O.C.
Seth Cohen2003The O.C.
Tina Cohen-Chang2009Glee
Alexis Colby1981; 2017Dynasty(Carrington, Morell)
Blake "Little Blake/L.B." Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys
Bliss Colby1985The Colbys
Cecil Colby1981; 2017Dynasty
Constance Colby1985The Colbys(Patterson)
Frankie Colby1985The Colbys(Langdon, Scott)
Jason Colby1985The Colbys
Jeff Colby1981; 1985; 2017The Colbys; Dynasty
Lauren Colby1981Dynasty
Miles Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys
Monica Colby1981; 1985; 2017The Colbys; Dynasty
Philip Colby1985The Colbys
Sable Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Scott)
Marcus Cole201713 Reasons Why
Trevor Cole1989Baywatch
Lulu Coltrane Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Rosco P. Coltrane1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Bill Compton2008True Blood
Jennifer "Whipper" Cone1997Ally McBeal
James Conlon2005Close to Home
Rich Connelly2005Surface
Becky Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Healy)
Dan Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Darlene Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Olinsky)
D. J. Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Ed Conner1988Roseanne
Ed Conner Jr.1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Mary Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Roseanne Conner1988Roseanne(Harris)
John Connor2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Michael Connor1996Silent Witness
Sarah Connor2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Jackie Cook2004Veronica Mars
Emma Coolidge2006Heroes
Afton Cooper1978Dallas
Bert Cooper2007Mad Men
Betty Cooper2017Riverdale
Brian Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Colleen Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
George Cooper Jr.2017Young Sheldon
George Cooper Sr.2017Young Sheldon
Jimmy Cooper2003The O.C.
Jodie Cooper1994Heartbreak High
Julie Cooper2003The O.C.(Nichol)
Kaitlin Cooper2003The O.C.
Marissa Cooper2003The O.C.
Mary Cooper2007; 2017The Big Bang Theory; Young Sheldon(Tucker)
Matthew Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Missy Cooper2017Young Sheldon
Sheldon Cooper2007; 2017The Big Bang Theory; Young Sheldon
Winnie Cooper1988The Wonder Years
Kacy Corbin2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Elizabeth Corday1994ER
John D. Cort1989Baywatch
Ana Lucia Cortez2004Lost
Evan Cortez1996Nash Bridges
Russell Corwin2001Six Feet Under
Ken Cosgrove2007Mad Men
Quentin Costa2003Nip/Tuck
Vicki Costa1997Just Shoot Me!
George Costanza1989Seinfeld
Sylvia Costas1993NYPD Blue(Sipowicz)
Declan Costello1994Heartbreak High
Ben Covington1998Felicity
Kerry Cox1996Silent Witness
Donald Cragen1990Law & Order
Don Craig1965Days of Our Lives
Frasier Crane1982; 1993Cheers; Frasier
Harry Crane2007Mad Men
Martin Crane1993Frasier
Niles Crane1993Frasier
Noel Crane1998Felicity
Rachel Crawford1989Family Matters(Baines)
Richie Crawford1989Family Matters
Penelope Creighton-Ward1965Thunderbirds
Les Cresswell1999Once and Again(Creswell)
Courtney Crimsen201713 Reasons Why
James "Sonny" Crockett1984Miami Vice
Zac Croft1994Heartbreak High
Caitlin Cross1996Nash Bridges
Jason Crouse2009The Good Wife
Marion Zeke Crumb1996Early Edition
Beverly Crusher1987Star Trek: The Next Generation(Howard)
Wesley Crusher1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Bridey Cruz2016The Family
Liz Cruz2003Nip/Tuck
Lisa Cuddy2004House
Michael Culhane1981; 2017Dynasty
Donna Culver Krebbs1978Dallas(McCullum)
Linda Cummings2000Waking the Dead
Harry Cunningham1996Silent Witness
Richie Cunningham1974Happy Days
Neil Curtis1965Days of Our Lives
Rey Curtis1990Law & Order
Sofia Curtis2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Michael Cutter1990Law & Order
Ray Cutter2000The District
Leo Dalton1996Silent Witness
Andy Dalziel1996Dalziel and Pascoe
Liz Danes2000Gilmore Girls
Luke Danes2000Gilmore Girls
Vince D'Angelo1998Will & Grace
Helen Daniels1985Neighbours(Simpson, White)
Irene Daniels2005The Closer
Jo Danville2004CSI: NY
Jefferson D'Arcy1987Married... with Children
Jack "J. D." Darius1989Baywatch
Darla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Brian Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money
Jeremy Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money
Juliet Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money
Karen Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money
Letitia Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money(Van Kirk)
Patrick "Tripp" Darling III2007Dirty Sexy Money
Patrick Darling IV2007Dirty Sexy Money
Data1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Laura Daughtery2005Surface
Bill Dauterive1997King of the Hill
Cooter Davenport1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Ziva David2003NCIS
Brody Davis1999Roswell
Cameron Davis1965Days of Our Lives
Jessica Davis201713 Reasons Why
Prairie Dawn1970Sesame Street
Michael Dawson2004Lost
Monica Dawson2006Heroes
Riley Dawson2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Jess Day2011New Girl
Misty Day2013American Horror Story: Coven
Jimmy Deakins2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Jason Dean1998Charmed
Jane Deaux1997Dharma & Greg
Kevin Debreno2000The District
Todd Deepler2007Samantha Who?
Maggie Dekker2008Eli Stone
Monty de La Cruz201713 Reasons Why
Lee Delaine1994Heartbreak High
Anna Del Amico1994ER
M. J. Delfino2004Desperate Housewives
Mike Delfino2004Desperate Housewives
Elena Delgado2002Without a Trace
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett2009Modern Family
Lu Delgado2000Strong Medicine
Marc Delgado2000Strong Medicine
Eric Delko2002CSI: Miami(Delektorsky)
Babette Dell2000Gilmore Girls
Morey Dell2000Gilmore Girls
Patti Dellacroix2008Eli Stone
Jim Deloraine1994Heartbreak High
Amy DeLuca1999Roswell
Andrew DeLuca2005Grey's Anatomy
Maria DeLuca1999Roswell
Sean DeLuca1999Roswell
James Dempsey1985Dempsey and Makepeace
Zach Dempsey201713 Reasons Why
Elena Derevko2001Alias
Irina Derevko2001Alias(Bristow)
Katya Derevko2001Alias
Stephan Derrick1974Derrick
Michelle Dessler200124
Manny Devalos2005Medium
Fran Devanow1992Mad About You
Mark Devanow1992Mad About You
Simone Deveaux2006Heroes
Abigail Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives
Dominique Deveraux1981; 2017Dynasty(Cox)
Jack Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(Johnson)
JJ Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives
Blanche Devereaux1985; 1992The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace(Hollingsworth)
Alex Devlin1987Tour of Duty
Thomas E. Dewey1994Due South
Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter1981Dynasty
Laura Diamond2014The Mysteries of Laura
Andrés Díaz1999Family Law
Rico Diaz2001Six Feet Under
Rosa Diaz2013Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Vanessa Diaz2001Six Feet Under
Wally Dick1997Just Shoot Me!
Tammy Diffendorf2013Mom
Gabe Dimas2001Six Feet Under
Elliot DiMauro1997Just Shoot Me!
André DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Anna DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Fredericks)
Chad DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Daphne DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
EJ DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Kristen DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Blake)
Stefano DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Tony DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
August Dimitri1999Once and Again
Velma Dinkley1969Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Lynn DiNovi2005Medium
Tony DiNozzo2003NCIS
Charley Dixon2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Daryl Dixon2010The Walking Dead
Marcus Dixon2001Alias
John Doggett1993The X-Files
Lindsay Dole1997The Practice
Joe Dominguez1996Nash Bridges
Jack Donaghy200630 Rock
Becky Donaldson Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House
Bobby Donnell1997The Practice
Megan Donner2002CSI: Miami
Clyde Donovan1997South Park(Goodman, Harris)
Eve Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Shane Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Theresa Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Veronica Donovan2005Prison Break
Taylor Doose2000Gilmore Girls
Vala Mal Doran1997Stargate SG-1
Dori Doreau1986Sledge Hammer!
Allison Doren2001Alias
Lucy Dotson2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Matt Dowd2008Eli Stone
Tyler Down201713 Reasons Why
Maggie Doyle1994ER
Moira Doyle2001McLeod's Daughters
Roz Doyle1993Frasier
Betty Draper2007Mad Men(Hofstadt)
Bobby Draper2007Mad Men
Don Draper2007Mad Men(Whitman)
Judith Draper19963rd Rock from the Sun
Sally Draper2007Mad Men
Bogdan "Draz" Drazic1994Heartbreak High
Miles Drentell1987; 1999Thirtysomething; Once and Again
Erin Driscoll200124
Drusilla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Mamie Dubcek19963rd Rock from the Sun
Allison DuBois2005Medium(Rolen)
Ariel DuBois2005Medium
Bridgette DuBois2005Medium
Joe DuBois2005Medium
Marie DuBois2005Medium
Marjorie DuBois2005Medium
Michelle Dubois1982'Allo 'Allo!
Elaine Duchamps2001Crossing Jordan
Tristan DuGrey2000Gilmore Girls(DuGray)
Bo Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Coy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Daisy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Jesse Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Luke Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Vance Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Patricia Dumar1999Family Law
Lee DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives
Renée DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives
Sabrina Duncan1976Charlie's Angels
Olivia Dunham2008Fringe
Peter Dunlop2011Body of Proof
Declan Dunn2000Mysterious Ways
Claire Dunphy2009Modern Family
Phil Dunphy2009Modern Family
Jackson Duper1997Ally McBeal
Calleigh Duquesne2002CSI: Miami
Matt Durning1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Andy Dwyer2009Parks and Recreation
June Dyson1994Heartbreak High
Alex Eames2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Logan Echolls2004Veronica Mars
Mister Ed1961Mister Ed
Russell Edgington2008True Blood
Clark Edison2005Bones
Chase Edmunds200124
Ben Edwards1989Baywatch
Stephanie Edwards2005Grey's Anatomy
Jim Egan20028 Simple Rules
Mike Ehrmantraut2008; 2015Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul
Mr. Eko2004Lost(Tunde)
Simon Elder2007Dirty Sexy Money
Carl Elias2011Person of Interest
Bea Eliott1991The House of Eliott
Evie Eliott1991The House of Eliott
Garner Ellerbee1989Baywatch
James Ellison2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Elmo1985Sesame Street
Don Embry2006Big Love
Leigh Emerson2012American Horror Story: Asylum
Julie Emrick1998Felicity(Anderson)
Marshall Eriksen2005How I Met Your Mother
Ernie1969Sesame Street
Diane Evans1999Roswell
Isabel Evans1999Roswell
Marlena Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Max Evans1999Roswell
Philip Evans1999Roswell
Sam Evans2009Glee
Samantha Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Bobby Ewing1978Dallas
Christopher Ewing1978Dallas
Miss Ellie Ewing1978Dallas(Southworth)
Gary Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing
Jack Ewing1978Dallas
Jamie Ewing1978Dallas
Jock Ewing1978Dallas
J. R. Ewing1978Dallas
John Ross Ewing III1978Dallas
Lucy Ewing1978Dallas
Pam Ewing1978Dallas(Barnes)
Sue Ellen Ewing1978Dallas(Shepard)
Valene Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Clements)
Quinn Fabray2009Glee
Gavin Fairfax1982'Allo 'Allo!
Ted Fairwell2001Six Feet Under
Faith1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Nola Falacci2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Waldo Geraldo Faldo1989Family Matters
Nick Fallon1965Days of Our Lives
Arthur Fancy1993NYPD Blue
Daniel Faraday2004Lost
Clayton Farlow1978Dallas
Ella Mae Farmer2000The District
Helen Farmer1996Silent Witness
Astrid Farnsworth2008Fringe
Timothy Farthing1968Dad's Army
Yola Fatoush1994Heartbreak High
Ben Faulkner2004Desperate Housewives
Misty Favreaux2003Dead Like Me
Basil Fawlty1975Fawlty Towers
Brandon Fayette2008Fringe
Nina Feeney2002Everwood
Sam Feeney2002Everwood
George Feeny1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Miranda Feigelsteen2000Mysterious Ways
Craig Feldspar2000Malcolm in the Middle
Wallace Fennel2004Veronica Mars
Nikki Fernandez2004Lost
Barney Fife1960The Andy Griffith Show
Douglas Filmore2005Bones
Cleo Finch1994ER
Dennis Finch1997Just Shoot Me!
Harold Finch2011Person of Interest
Fran Fine1993The Nanny
Sylvia Fine1993The Nanny
Larry Finkelstein1997Dharma & Greg
Julie "Finn" Finlay2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Finley2006Finley the Fire Engine
Riley Finn1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Richard Fish1997Ally McBeal
Claire Fisher2001Six Feet Under
Colin Fisher2005Bones
David Fisher2001Six Feet Under
Leo Fisher1999Once and Again
Maya Fisher2001Six Feet Under
Nate Fisher2001Six Feet Under
Nathaniel Fisher2001Six Feet Under
Ruth Fisher2001Six Feet Under(O'Connor)
Chuck Fishman1996Early Edition
Martin Fitzgerald2002Without a Trace
Donald Flack Jr.2004CSI: NY
Ned Flanders1989The Simpsons
Holly Flax2005The Office
Lacey Fleming2011Body of Proof
Todd Fleming2011Body of Proof
Toby Flenderson2005The Office
Jessica Fletcher1984Murder, She Wrote(MacGill)
Otto Flick1982'Allo 'Allo!
Marshall Flinkman2001Alias
Fred Flintstone1960The Flintstones
Wilma Flintstone1959The Flintstones
Jesse Flores2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Alicia Florrick2009The Good Wife(Cavanaugh)
Grace Florrick2009The Good Wife
Jackie Florrick2009The Good Wife
Peter Florrick2009The Good Wife
Zach Florrick2009The Good Wife
Andy Flynn2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes
Grace Foley2000Waking the Dead
Justin Foley201713 Reasons Why
Joe Fontana1990Law & Order
Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli1974Happy Days
Sawyer Ford2004Lost(LaFleur)
Eric Foreman2004House
Dean Forester2000Gilmore Girls
Eric Forman1998That '70s Show
Kitty Forman1998That '70s Show(Sigurdson)
Laurie Forman1998That '70s Show
Red Forman1998That '70s Show
Aly Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Bridget Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Darla Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Einstein)
Eric Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Felicia Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Kristen Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Phoebe Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Rick Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge "R. J." Forrester Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Stephanie Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Douglas)
Thomas Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Thorne Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Hoyt Fortenberry2008True Blood
Cade Foster1998First Wave
Carol Foster Lambert1991Step by Step(Baker)
Clem Foster1959Bonanza
Dana Foster1991Step by Step
Karen Foster1991Step by Step
Lilly Foster-Lambert1991Step by Step
Mark Foster1991Step by Step
Viveca Foster1999Family Law
Jodi Fountain McLeod2001McLeod's Daughters
Meg Fountain2001McLeod's Daughters(Rivers)
Amy Farrah Fowler2007The Big Bang Theory
Arlene Fowler2008True Blood
Logan Fowler1989Baywatch
Peggy Fowler2000Mysterious Ways
Cordelia Foxx2013American Horror Story: Coven(Goode)
Glenn Foy1997Ally McBeal
Fozzie Bear1976The Muppet Show
Charlie Francis2008Fringe
Henry Francis2007Mad Men
Benjamin "C-Note" Franklin2005Prison Break
Sam Franklin1969The Brady Bunch
Benton Fraser1994Due South
Bob Fraser1994Due South
James "Taffy" Frazer1968Dad's Army
Cooper Freedman2005; 2007Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice
Huey Freeman2005The Boondocks
Tom Friendly2004Lost
Gus Fring2008; 2015Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul
Randi Fronczak1994ER
Jack Frost1992A Touch of Frost
Ellenor Frutt1997The Practice
Rodolfo Fuentes2005Bones
Brian Fuller2000Gilmore Girls
Quinn Fuller Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Maeby Fünke2003Arrested Development
Tobias Fünke2003Arrested Development
Lionel Fusco2011Person of Interest
David Gabriel2005The Closer
Cathy Gale1961The Avengers
Michael Gallant1994ER
Jack Gallo1997Just Shoot Me!
Maya Gallo1997Just Shoot Me!
Mike Gambit1976The New Avengers
Helen Gamble1997The Practice
Dimitrius Gans2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Louis Gardino1994Due South
Will Gardner2009The Good Wife
Garnet2013Steven Universe
Alex Garrett2004Joey
Kelly Garrett1976Charlie's Angels
Ted Garrett2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Clarke "C. J." Garrison Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Clarke Garrison1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Herbert Garrison1997South Park
Luna Garza2008True Blood
Tony Gates1994ER
Sarah Gavin200124
Tayler Geddes2001McLeod's Daughters
Helga Geerhart1982'Allo 'Allo!
Hans Geering1982'Allo 'Allo!
Jack Geller1994Friends
Judy Geller1994Friends
Monica Geller1994Friends
Paris Geller2000Gilmore Girls
Ross Geller1994Friends
George Gently2007Inspector George Gently
Lisa George2007Dirty Sexy Money
Nick George2007Dirty Sexy Money
Michel Gerard2000Gilmore Girls
Kimmy Gibbler1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House
Leroy Jethro Gibbs2003NCIS
Eddie Gibson1993NYPD Blue
Felix Gibson2000Waking the Dead
Orenthal "Gibby" Gibson2007iCarly
Rachel Gibson2001Alias
Gideon2006Gideon's Daughter
George Gideon1964Gideon's Way
Elena Gilbert2009The Vampire Diaries
Rupert Giles1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gilligan1963Gilligan's Island
Emily Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Lorelai Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Richard Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Rory Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
April Giminski1989Baywatch
Newton Gimmick1986The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
Michael Ginsberg2007Mad Men
Joey Gladstone1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House
Arlo Glass200124
Kirk Gleason2000Gilmore Girls
Gloria1994Touched by an Angel
Ferris Gluck2000The District
Will Gluck1999Once and Again
Charles Godfrey1968Dad's Army
Eli Gold2009The Good Wife
Janis Gold200124
Marissa Gold2009; 2017The Good Wife; The Good Fight
Harry Goldenblatt1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
Myron Goldman1987Tour of Duty
Oscar Goldman1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman
Mona Gomez2005Invasion
Gonzo1976The Muppet Show
Andy Goode2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fiona Goode2011American Horror Story: Coven(Vandenheuvel)
Daniel Goodman2005Bones
Saul Goodman2008; 2015Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul(McGill)
Stella Goodman2000Waking the Dead
Claude Gordon1968Dad's Army
Dan Gordon1998Charmed
David "Gordo" Gordon2001Lizzie McGuire
Jenny Gordon1998Charmed
Melinda Gordon2005Ghost Whisperer
Bobby Goren2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Sam Gorpley1986Perfect Strangers
Thomas Grace2001Alias
Adaleen Grant2006Big Love(Hallstrom)
Alby Grant2006Big Love
Lou Grant1970; 1977The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Lou Grant
Louise Grant2000Gilmore Girls
Nicki Grant2006Big Love