Portuguese Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Portuguese Presidents and Prime Ministers. Portugal became a constitutional monarchy in 1834, at which time the Prime Minister (called in Portuguese Presidente do Conselho de Ministros until 1976, and Primeiro-ministro thereafter) was the head of government. After a revolution in 1910 Portugal became a republic and the office of President was created to be the official head of state.
NameYearsTypeOther Names
Pedro de Sousa Holstein1834-1835; 1842; 1846prime minister
Vitório Maria de Sousa Coutinho1835prime minister
João Carlos de Saldanha Oliveira e Daun1835; 1846-1849; 1851-1856; 1870prime minister
José Jorge Loureiro1835-1836prime minister
António José Severim de Noronha1836; 1842-1846; 1851; 1859-1860prime minister
José da Gama Carneiro e Sousa1836prime minister
Bernardo de Sá Nogueira de Figueiredo1836-1837; 1837-1839; 1865; 1868-1869; 1870prime minister
António Dias de Oliveira1837prime minister
Rodrigo Pinto Pizarro1839prime minister
José Travassos Valdez1839-1841prime minister
Joaquim António de Aguiar1841-1842; 1860; 1865-1868prime minister
António Bernardo da Costa Cabral1849-1851prime minister
Nuno José Severo de Mendoça Rolim de Moura Barreto1856-1859; 1860-1865; 1869-1870prime minister
António José de Ávila1868; 1870-1871; 1877-1878prime minister
Fontes Pereira de Melo1871-1877; 1878-1879; 1881-1886prime minister
Anselmo José Braamcamp1879-1881prime minister
António Rodrigues Sampaio1881prime minister
José Luciano de Castro1886-1890; 1897-1900; 1904-1906prime minister
António de Serpa Pimentel1890prime minister
João Crisóstomo de Abreu e Sousa1890-1892prime minister
José Dias Ferreira1892-1893prime minister
Ernesto Hintze Ribeiro1893-1897; 1900-1904; 1906prime minister
João Franco1906-1908prime minister
Francisco Joaquim Ferreira do Amaral1908prime minister
Artur Alberto de Campos Henriques1908-1909prime minister
Sebastião Custódio de Sousa Teles1909prime minister
Venceslau de Lima1909prime minister
Francisco da Veiga Beirão1909-1910prime minister
António Teixeira de Sousa1910prime minister
Manuel de Arriaga1911-1915president
João Pinheiro Chagas1911prime minister
Augusto de Vasconcelos1911-1912prime minister
Duarte Leite1912-1913prime minister
Afonso Costa1913-1914; 1915-1916; 1917prime minister
Bernardino Machado1914; 1915-1917; 1921; 1925-1926prime minister; president
Victor Hugo de Azevedo Coutinho1914-1915prime minister
Joaquim Pimenta de Castro1915prime minister
José de Castro1915prime minister
Teófilo Braga1915president
António José de Almeida1916-1917; 1919-1923prime minister; president
Sidónio Pais1917-1918; 1918prime minister; president
João do Canto e Castro1918; 1918-1919prime minister; president
João Tamagnini Barbosa1918-1919prime minister
José Relvas1919prime minister
Domingos Pereira1919; 1920; 1925prime minister
Alfredo de Sá Cardoso1919-1920prime minister
António Maria Baptista1920prime minister
José Ramos Preto1920prime minister
António Maria da Silva1920; 1922-1923; 1925; 1925-1926prime minister
António Granjo1920; 1921prime minister
Álvaro de Castro1920; 1923-1924prime minister
Liberato Pinto1920-1921prime minister
Tomé de Barros Queirós1921prime minister
Manuel Maria Coelho1921prime minister
Carlos Maia Pinto1921prime minister
Francisco Cunha Leal1921-1922prime minister
Manuel Teixeira Gomes1923-1925president
António Ginestal Machado1923prime minister
Alfredo Rodrigues Gaspar1924prime minister
José Domingues dos Santos1924-1925prime minister
Vitorino Guimarães1925prime minister
José Mendes Cabeçadas1926president; prime minister
Manuel Gomes da Costa1926prime minister; president
Óscar Carmona1926-1928; 1926-1951prime minister; president
José Vicente de Freitas1928-1929prime minister
Artur Ivens Ferraz1929-1930prime minister
Domingos Oliveira1930-1932prime minister
António de Oliveira Salazar1932-1968prime minister
Francisco Craveiro Lopes1951-1958president
Américo Tomás1958-1974president
Marcelo Caetano1968-1974prime minister
António de Spínola1974president
Adelino da Palma Carlos1974prime minister
Vasco Gonçalves1974-1975prime minister
Francisco da Costa Gomes1974-1976president
José Baptista Pinheiro de Azevedo1975-1976prime minister
António Ramalho Eanes1976-1986president
Mário Soares1976-1978; 1983-1985; 1986-1996prime minister; president
Alfredo Nobre da Costa1978prime minister
Carlos Mota Pinto1978-1979prime minister
Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo1979-1980prime minister
Francisco de Sá Carneiro1980prime minister
Francisco Pinto Balsemão1981-1983prime minister
Aníbal Cavaco Silva1985-1995; 2006-2016prime minister; president
António Guterres1995-2002prime minister
Jorge Sampaio1996-2006president
José Manuel Barroso2002-2004prime minister
Pedro Santana Lopes2004-2005prime minister
José Sócrates2005-2011prime minister(Carvalho, Pinto, de Sousa)
Pedro Passos Coelho2011-2015prime minister
António Costa2015-prime minister
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa2016-president