Olympic Medalists

The modern Olympic Games are an international sporting event held once every four years. The first summer games were held in 1896, with a winter competition added in 1924. This is a list of athletes who have been awarded medals. At this point, the list is not complete.
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NameYearMedalEventCountryOther Names
Fernando Altimani1912bronze10 km walkItaly
Chen Yueling1992gold10 km walkChina
Ugo Frigerio1920gold10 km walkItaly
Ugo Frigerio1924gold10 km walkItaly
Gordon Goodwin1924silver10 km walkUnited Kingdom
George Goulding1912gold10 km walkCanada
Charles Gunn1920bronze10 km walkUnited Kingdom
Ingemar Johansson1948silver10 km walkSweden
Bruno Junk1952bronze10 km walkSoviet Union
Li Chunxiu1992bronze10 km walkChina
Cecil McMaster1924bronze10 km walkSouth Africa
John Mikaelsson1948gold10 km walkSweden
John Mikaelsson1952gold10 km walkSweden
Yelena Nikolayeva1992silver10 km walkUnified Team
Yelena Nikolayeva1996gold10 km walkRussia
Joseph Pearman1920silver10 km walkUnited States
Elisabetta Perrone1996silver10 km walkItaly
Fritz Schwab1948bronze10 km walkSwitzerland
Fritz Schwab1952silver10 km walkSwitzerland
Wang Yan1996bronze10 km walkChina
Ernest Webb1912silver10 km walkUnited Kingdom
George Larner1908gold10 mile walkUnited Kingdom
Edward Spencer1908bronze10 mile walkUnited Kingdom
Ernest Webb1908silver10 mile walkUnited Kingdom
Harold Abrahams1924gold100 mUnited Kingdom
Evelyn Ashford1984gold100 mUnited States
Evelyn Ashford1988silver100 mUnited States
Ingrid Auerswald1980bronze100 mEast Germany(Lange)
Donovan Bailey1996gold100 mCanada
McDonald Bailey1952bronze100 mUnited Kingdom
Thane Baker1956silver100 mUnited States
Yohan Blake2012silver100 mJamaica
Fanny Blankers-Koen1948gold100 mNetherlands
Ato Boldon1996bronze100 mTrinidad and Tobago
Ato Boldon2000silver100 mTrinidad and Tobago
Usain Bolt2008gold100 mJamaica
Usain Bolt2012gold100 mJamaica
Valeriy Borzov1972gold100 mSoviet Union
Valeriy Borzov1976bronze100 mSoviet Union
Raelene Boyle1972silver100 mAustralia
Alice Brown1984silver100 mUnited States
Thomas Burke1896gold100 mUnited States
Veronica Campbell-Brown2004bronze100 mJamaica
Veronica Campbell-Brown2012bronze100 mJamaica
Nathaniel John Cartmell1904silver100 mUnited States
Silvia Chivás1972bronze100 mCuba
Linford Christie1988silver100 mUnited Kingdom
Linford Christie1992gold100 mUnited Kingdom
Ralph Craig1912gold100 mUnited States
Hasely Crawford1976gold100 mTrinidad and Tobago
Betty Cuthbert1956gold100 mAustralia
Juliet Cuthbert1992silver100 mJamaica
Gail Devers1992gold100 mUnited States
Gail Devers1996gold100 mUnited States
Harrison Dillard1948gold100 mUnited States
Walter Dix2008bronze100 mUnited States
Heike Drechsler1988bronze100 mEast Germany
Harry Edward1920bronze100 mUnited Kingdom
Barney Ewell1948silver100 mUnited States
Barbara Ferrell1968silver100 mUnited States
Enrique Figuerola Camue1964silver100 mCuba
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce2008gold100 mJamaica
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce2012gold100 mJamaica
Frank Fredericks1992silver100 mNamibia
Frank Fredericks1996silver100 mNamibia
Justin Gatlin2004gold100 mUnited States
Justin Gatlin2012bronze100 mUnited States
Marlies Göhr1980silver100 mEast Germany(Oelsner)
Sam Graddy1984silver100 mUnited States
Charles Greene1968bronze100 mUnited States
Maurice Greene2000gold100 mUnited States
Maurice Greene2004bronze100 mUnited States
Florence Griffith Joyner1988gold100 mUnited States
Archie Hahn1904gold100 mUnited States
Armin Hary1960gold100 mUnified Team of Germany
Daphne Hasenjager1952silver100 mSouth Africa(Robb)
Bob Hayes1964gold100 mUnited States
Inge Helten1976bronze100 mWest Germany
Jim Hines1968gold100 mUnited States
Fritz Hofmann1896silver100 mGermany
Hector Hogan1956bronze100 mAustralia
William Hogenson1904bronze100 mUnited States
Dorothy Hyman1960silver100 mUnited Kingdom
Marjorie Jackson-Nelson1952gold100 mAustralia
Frank Jarvis1900gold100 mUnited States
Harry Jerome1964bronze100 mCanada
Carmelita Jeter2012silver100 mUnited States
Ben Johnson1984bronze100 mCanada
Arthur Jonath1932bronze100 mGermany
Robert Kerr1908bronze100 mCanada
Morris Kirksey1920silver100 mUnited States
Ewa Kłobukowska1964bronze100 mPoland
Lyudmila Kondratyeva1980gold100 mSoviet Union
Käthe Krauss1936bronze100 mGermany(Krauß)
Lloyd La Beach1948bronze100 mPanama
Georg Lammers1928bronze100 mGermany
Francis Lane1896bronze100 mUnited States
Tanya Lawrence2000silver100 mJamaica
Silvio Leonard Sarría1980silver100 mCuba
Giuseppina Leone1960bronze100 mItaly
Carl Lewis1984gold100 mUnited States
Carl Lewis1988gold100 mUnited States
Donald Lippincott1912bronze100 mUnited States
Jack London1928silver100 mUnited Kingdom
Dorothy Manley1948silver100 mUnited Kingdom
Marlene Mathews1956bronze100 mAustralia
Edith McGuire1964silver100 mUnited States
Herbert McKenley1952silver100 mJamaica
Ralph Metcalfe1932silver100 mUnited States
Ralph Metcalfe1936silver100 mUnited States
Alvah Meyer1912silver100 mUnited States
Lennox Miller1968silver100 mJamaica
Lennox Miller1972bronze100 mJamaica
Dennis Mitchell1992bronze100 mUnited States
Bobby Morrow1956gold100 mUnited States
Yulia Nestsiarenka2004gold100 mBelarus(Nesterenko)
Francis Obikwelu2004silver100 mPortugal
Tinus Osendarp1936bronze100 mNetherlands
Merlene Ottey1984bronze100 mJamaica
Merlene Ottey1996silver100 mJamaica
Merlene Ottey2000bronze100 mJamaica
Jesse Owens1936gold100 mUnited States
Charles Paddock1920gold100 mUnited States
Petar Petrov1980bronze100 mBulgaria
Arthur Porritt1924bronze100 mNew Zealand
Irina Privalova1992bronze100 mUnified Team
Donald Quarrie1976silver100 mJamaica
Peter Radford1960bronze100 mUnited Kingdom
James Rector1908silver100 mUnited States
Lindy Remigino1952gold100 mUnited States
Annegret Richter1976gold100 mWest Germany(Irrgang)
Elizabeth Robinson1928gold100 mUnited States
Fanny Rosenfeld1928silver100 mCanada
Stanley Rowley1900bronze100 mAustralia
Wilma Rudolph1960gold100 mUnited States
Jackson Scholz1924silver100 mUnited States
David Sime1960silver100 mUnited States
Sherone Simpson2008silver100 mJamaica
Calvin Smith1988bronze100 mUnited States
Ethel Smith1928bronze100 mCanada
Renate Stecher1972gold100 mEast Germany
Renate Stecher1976silver100 mEast Germany
Helen Stephens1936gold100 mUnited States
Kerron Stewart2008silver100 mJamaica
Shirley Strickland1948bronze100 mAustralia(de la Hunty)
Shirley Strickland1952bronze100 mAustralia(de la Hunty)
Hilda Strike1932silver100 mCanada(Sisson)
Christa Stubnick1956silver100 mUnified Team of Germany
Irena Szewińska1968bronze100 mPoland
Alajos Szokolyi1896bronze100 mHungary
Robert Taylor1972silver100 mUnited States
Walter B. Tewksbury1900silver100 mUnited States
Ekaterini Thanou2000silver100 mGreece
Obadele Thompson2000bronze100 mBarbados
Richard Thompson2008silver100 mTrinidad and Tobago
Eddie Tolan1932gold100 mUnited States
Gwen Torrence1996bronze100 mUnited States
Wyomia Tyus1964gold100 mUnited States
Wyomia Tyus1968gold100 mUnited States
Wilhelmina von Bremen1932bronze100 mUnited States
Stanisława Walasiewicz1932gold100 mPoland
Stanisława Walasiewicz1936silver100 mPoland
Reginald Walker1908gold100 mSouth Africa
Allan Wells1980gold100 mUnited Kingdom
Lauryn Williams2004silver100 mUnited States
Percy Williams1928gold100 mCanada
Glory Alozie2000silver100 m hurdlesNigeria
Tatyana Anisimova1976silver100 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Karin Balzer1972bronze100 m hurdlesEast Germany(Richert)
Valeria Bufanu1972silver100 m hurdlesRomania
Brigita Bukovec1996silver100 m hurdlesSlovenia
Michèle Chardonnet1984bronze100 m hurdlesFrance
Yordanka Donkova1988gold100 m hurdlesBulgaria
Yordanka Donkova1992bronze100 m hurdlesBulgaria
Annelie Ehrhardt1972gold100 m hurdlesEast Germany
Ludmila Engquist1996gold100 m hurdlesSweden
Benita Fitzgerald-Brown1984gold100 m hurdlesUnited States
Patricia Girard1996bronze100 m hurdlesFrance
Dawn Harper2008gold100 m hurdlesUnited States
Dawn Harper2012silver100 m hurdlesUnited States
Joanna Hayes2004gold100 m hurdlesUnited States
Vera Komisova1980gold100 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Olena Krasovska2004silver100 m hurdlesUkraine
Lucyna Langer1980bronze100 m hurdlesPoland
Natalya Lebedeva1976bronze100 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Priscilla Lopes-Schliep2008bronze100 m hurdlesCanada
LaVonna Martin1992silver100 m hurdlesUnited States
Melissa Morrison-Howard2000bronze100 m hurdlesUnited States
Melissa Morrison-Howard2004bronze100 m hurdlesUnited States
Voula Patoulidou1992gold100 m hurdlesGreece
Sally Pearson2008silver100 m hurdlesAustralia(McLellan)
Sally Pearson2012gold100 m hurdlesAustralia(McLellan)
Johanna Schaller1976gold100 m hurdlesEast Germany(Klier)
Johanna Schaller1980silver100 m hurdlesEast Germany(Klier)
Olga Shishigina2000gold100 m hurdlesKazakhstan
Gloria Siebert1988silver100 m hurdlesEast Germany
Shirley Strong1984silver100 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Kim Turner1984bronze100 m hurdlesUnited States
Kellie Wells2012bronze100 m hurdlesUnited States
Claudia Zaczkiewicz1988bronze100 m hurdlesWest Germany(Reidick)
Addis Abebe1992bronze10000 mEthiopia
Elvan Abeylegesse2008silver10000 mTurkey
Bertil Albertsson1948bronze10000 mSweden
Salvatore Antibo1988silver10000 mItaly
Aleksandr Anufriyev1952bronze10000 mSoviet Union
Arvo Askola1936silver10000 mFinland
Kenenisa Bekele2004gold10000 mEthiopia
Kenenisa Bekele2008gold10000 mEthiopia
Tariku Bekele2012bronze10000 mEthiopia
Eero Berg1924bronze10000 mFinland
Pyotr Bolotnikov1960gold10000 mSoviet Union
Olga Bondarenko1988gold10000 mSoviet Union
Brahim Boutayeb1988gold10000 mMorocco
Richard Chelimo1992silver10000 mKenya
Vivian Cheruiyot2012bronze10000 mKenya
Ronald Clarke1964bronze10000 mAustralia
Alberto Cova1984gold10000 mItaly
Ejegayehu Dibaba2004silver10000 mEthiopia(Keneni)
Mo Farah2012gold10000 mGreat Britain
Shalane Flanagan2008bronze10000 mUnited States
Brendan Foster1976bronze10000 mUnited Kingdom
Mohammed Gammoudi1964silver10000 mTunisia
Mohammed Gammoudi1968bronze10000 mTunisia
Haile Gebrselassie1996gold10000 mEthiopia
Haile Gebrselassie2000gold10000 mEthiopia
Hans Grodotzki1960silver10000 mUnified Team of Germany
Joseph Guillemot1920silver10000 mFrance
Salah Hissou1996bronze10000 mMorocco
Volmari Iso-Hollo1932silver10000 mFinland
Volmari Iso-Hollo1936bronze10000 mFinland
Lynn Jennings1992bronze10000 mUnited States
Mohamed Kedir1980bronze10000 mEthiopia
Kipkemboi Kimeli1988bronze10000 mKenya
Sally Kipyego2012silver10000 mKenya
Micah Kogo2008bronze10000 mKenya
Hannes Kolehmainen1912gold10000 mFinland
József Kovács1956silver10000 mHungary
Janusz Kusociński1932gold10000 mPoland
Vladimir Kuts1956gold10000 mSoviet Union
Allan Lawrence1956bronze10000 mAustralia
Carlos Lopes1976silver10000 mPortugal
Kaarlo Maaninka1980silver10000 mFinland
Liz McColgan1988silver10000 mUnited Kingdom(Lynch)
Mike McLeod1984silver10000 mUnited Kingdom
Elana Meyer1992silver10000 mSouth Africa
Assefa Mezgebu2000bronze10000 mEthiopia
Billy Mills1964gold10000 mUnited States
Alain Mimoun1948silver10000 mFrance
Alain Mimoun1952silver10000 mFrance
Michael Musyoki1984bronze10000 mKenya
Paavo Nurmi1920gold10000 mFinland
Paavo Nurmi1928gold10000 mFinland
David Power1960bronze10000 mAustralia
Emiel Puttemans1972silver10000 mBelgium
Fernanda Ribeiro1996gold10000 mPortugal
Fernanda Ribeiro2000bronze10000 mPortugal
Ville Ritola1924gold10000 mFinland
Ville Ritola1928silver10000 mFinland
Galen Rupp2012silver10000 mUnited States
Ilmari Salminen1936gold10000 mFinland
Sileshi Sihine2004silver10000 mEthiopia
Sileshi Sihine2008silver10000 mEthiopia
Khalid Skah1992gold10000 mMorocco
Albin Stenroos1912bronze10000 mFinland
Zersenay Tadese2004bronze10000 mEritrea
Naftali Temu1968gold10000 mKenya
Paul Tergat1996silver10000 mKenya
Paul Tergat2000silver10000 mKenya
Lewis Tewanina1912silver10000 mUnited States
Tirunesh Dibaba2008gold10000 mEthiopia(Kenene)
Tirunesh Dibaba2012gold10000 mEthiopia(Kenene)
Derartu Tulu1992gold10000 mEthiopia
Derartu Tulu2000gold10000 mEthiopia
Derartu Tulu2004bronze10000 mEthiopia
Lasse Virén1972gold10000 mFinland
Lasse Virén1976gold10000 mFinland
Lauri Virtanen1932bronze10000 mFinland
Gete Wami1996bronze10000 mEthiopia
Gete Wami2000silver10000 mEthiopia
Wang Junxia1996silver10000 mChina
Edvin Wide1924silver10000 mSweden
Edvin Wide1928bronze10000 mSweden
James Wilson1920bronze10000 mUnited Kingdom
Mamo Wolde1968silver10000 mEthiopia
Xing Huina2004gold10000 mChina
Miruts Yifter1972bronze10000 mEthiopia
Miruts Yifter1980gold10000 mEthiopia
Emil Zátopek1948gold10000 mCzechoslovakia
Emil Zátopek1952gold10000 mCzechoslovakia
Yelena Zhupiyeva-Vyazova1988bronze10000 mSoviet Union
Stephen Anderson1928silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Lesley Ashburner1904bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Sidney Atkinson1924silver110 m hurdlesSouth Africa
Sidney Atkinson1928gold110 m hurdlesSouth Africa
Arthur Barnard1952bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Harold Barron1920silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Percy Beard1932silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Arto Bryggare1984bronze110 m hurdlesFinland
Lee Calhoun1956gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Lee Calhoun1960gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Tonie Campbell1988bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Alejandro Casañas Ramírez1976silver110 m hurdlesCuba
Alejandro Casañas Ramírez1980silver110 m hurdlesCuba
John Collier1928bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Mark Crear1996silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Mark Crear2000bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Thomas Curtis1896gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Willie Davenport1968gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Willie Davenport1976bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Jack Davis1952silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Jack Davis1956silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Tony Dees1992silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Harrison Dillard1952gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Craig Dixon1948bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Guy Drut1972silver110 m hurdlesFrance
Guy Drut1976gold110 m hurdlesFrance
Donald Finlay1932bronze110 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Donald Finlay1936silver110 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Gregory Foster1984silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Anier García2000gold110 m hurdlesCuba(Ortiz)
Anier García2004bronze110 m hurdlesCuba(Ortiz)
John Garrels1908silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Grantley Goulding1896silver110 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Ervin Hall1968silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Martin Hawkins1912bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Thomas Hill1972bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Colin Jackson1988silver110 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Allen Johnson1996gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Hayes Jones1960bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Hayes Jones1964gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Frederick Kelly1912gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Roger Kingdom1984gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Roger Kingdom1988gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Daniel Kinsey1924gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Alvin Kraenzlein1900gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Blaine Lindgren1964silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Liu Xiang2004gold110 m hurdlesChina
Willie May1960silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Mark McKoy1992gold110 m hurdlesCanada
John McLean1900silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Aries Merritt2012gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Anatoly Mikhailov1964bronze110 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Rodney Milburn Jr.1972gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Frederick Moloney1900bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Thomas Munkelt1980gold110 m hurdlesEast Germany
Feg Murray1920bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
David Oliver2008bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Eddy Ottoz1968bronze110 m hurdlesItaly
Hansle Parchment2012bronze110 m hurdlesJamaica
David Payne2008silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Sten Pettersson1924bronze110 m hurdlesSweden
Jack Pierce1992bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Fritz Pollard Jr.1936bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Bill Porter1948gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Aleksandr Puchkov1980bronze110 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Jason Richardson2012silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Dayron Robles2008gold110 m hurdlesCuba
George Saling1932gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Frederick Schule1904gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Florian Schwarthoff1996bronze110 m hurdlesGermany
Clyde Scott1948silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Joel Shankle1956bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Arthur Shaw1908bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Thaddeus Shideler1904silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Forrest Smithson1908gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Earl Thomson1920gold110 m hurdlesCanada
Forrest Towns1936gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Terrence Trammell2000silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Terrence Trammell2004silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
James Wendell1912silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
José Manuel Abascal Gómez1984bronze1500 mSpain
Mehdi Baala2008bronze1500 mFrance
Laimutė Baikauskaitė1988silver1500 mSoviet Union
Joseph Barthel1952gold1500 mLuxembourg
Luigi Beccali1932gold1500 mItaly
Luigi Beccali1936bronze1500 mItaly
Charles Bennett1900gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Arthur Blake1896silver1500 mUnited States
Hassiba Boulmerka1992gold1500 mAlgeria
Lyudmila Bragina1972gold1500 mSoviet Union
John Bray1900bronze1500 mUnited States
Ulrike Bruns1976bronze1500 mEast Germany(Klapezynski)
Gamze Bulut2012silver1500 mTurkey
Fermín Cacho Ruiz1992gold1500 mSpain
Fermín Cacho Ruiz1996silver1500 mSpain
Aslı Çakır Alptekin2012gold1500 mTurkey
Maria Cioncan2004bronze1500 mRomania
Sebastian Coe1980gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Sebastian Coe1984gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Jerry Cornes1932silver1500 mUnited Kingdom
Stephen Cram1984silver1500 mUnited Kingdom
Glenn Cunningham1936silver1500 mUnited States
John Davies1964bronze1500 mNew Zealand
Ron Delany1956gold1500 mIreland
Rodney Dixon1972bronze1500 mNew Zealand
Gabriella Dorio1984gold1500 mItaly
Tetyana Dorovskikh1988bronze1500 mSoviet Union(Samolenko)
Philip Edwards1932bronze1500 mCanada
Rachid El Basir1992silver1500 mMorocco
Hicham El Guerrouj2000silver1500 mMorocco
Hicham El Guerrouj2004gold1500 mMorocco
Herbert Elliott1960gold1500 mAustralia
Peter Elliott1988silver1500 mUnited Kingdom
Henry Eriksson1948gold1500 mSweden
Edwin Flack1896gold1500 mAustralia
Norman Hallows1908bronze1500 mUnited Kingdom
Lacey Hearn1904bronze1500 mUnited States
Jens-Peter Herold1988bronze1500 mEast Germany
Albert Hill1920gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Gunhild Hoffmeister1972silver1500 mEast Germany
Gunhild Hoffmeister1976silver1500 mEast Germany
Kelly Holmes2004gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Abdalaati Iguider2012bronze1500 mMorocco
Paula Ivan1988gold1500 mRomania
Arnold Jackson1912gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Maryam Yusuf Jamal2012bronze1500 mBahrain(Tola)
Michel Jazy1960silver1500 mFrance
Tatyana Kazankina1976gold1500 mSoviet Union
Tatyana Kazankina1980gold1500 mSoviet Union
Kipchoge Keino1968gold1500 mKenya
Kipchoge Keino1972silver1500 mKenya
Theresia Kiesl1996bronze1500 mAustria
Stephen Kipkorir1996bronze1500 mKenya
Asbel Kiprop2008gold1500 mKenya
Abel Kiviat1912silver1500 mUnited States
Jules Ladoumègue1928silver1500 mFrance
Bernard Lagat2000bronze1500 mKenya
Bernard Lagat2004silver1500 mKenya
John Landy1956bronze1500 mAustralia
Nancy Langat2008gold1500 mKenya
Harri Larva1928gold1500 mFinland
Albin Lermusiaux1896bronze1500 mFrance
James Lightbody1904gold1500 mUnited States
Iryna Lishchynska2008silver1500 mUkraine
John Lovelock1936gold1500 mNew Zealand
Werner Lueg1952bronze1500 mGermany
Taoufik Makhloufi2012gold1500 mAlgeria
Leonel Manzano2012silver1500 mUnited States
Svetlana Masterkova1996gold1500 mRussia
Robert McMillen1952silver1500 mUnited States
Doina Melinte1984silver1500 mRomania(Beșliu)
Nouria Mérah-Benida2000gold1500 mAlgeria
Noureddine Morceli1996gold1500 mAlgeria
Noah Ngenyi2000gold1500 mKenya
Philip Noel-Baker1920silver1500 mUnited Kingdom
Paavo Nurmi1924gold1500 mFinland
Josef Odložil1964silver1500 mCzechoslovakia
Nadezhda Olizarenko1980bronze1500 mSoviet Union
Steve Ovett1980bronze1500 mUnited Kingdom
Paola Pigni-Cacchi1972bronze1500 mItaly
Maricica Puică1984bronze1500 mRomania
Eino Purje1928bronze1500 mFinland
Qu Yunxia1992bronze1500 mChina
Klaus Richtzenhain1956silver1500 mUnified Team of Germany
Lyudmila Rogachova1992silver1500 mUnified Team
Peter Rono1988gold1500 mKenya
István Rózsavölgyi1960bronze1500 mHungary
Jim Ryun1968silver1500 mUnited States
Wilhelm Schärer1924silver1500 mSwitzerland
Melvin Sheppard1908gold1500 mUnited States
Lawrence Shields1920bronze1500 mUnited States
Rui Silva2004bronze1500 mPortugal
Wim Slijkhuis1948bronze1500 mNetherlands
Peter Snell1964gold1500 mNew Zealand
Henry Stallard1924bronze1500 mUnited Kingdom
Lennart Strand1948silver1500 mSweden
Jürgen Straub1980silver1500 mEast Germany
Mohamed Suleiman1992bronze1500 mQatar
Gabriela Szabo1996silver1500 mRomania
Gabriela Szabo2000bronze1500 mRomania
Violeta Szekely2000silver1500 mRomania
Norman Taber1912bronze1500 mUnited States
Nataliya Tobias2008bronze1500 mUkraine
Tatyana Tomashova2004silver1500 mRussia
Tatyana Tomashova2012bronze1500 mRussia
Bodo Tümmler1968bronze1500 mWest Germany
Ivo Van Damme1976silver1500 mBelgium
Pekka Vasala1972gold1500 mFinland
Frank Verner1904silver1500 mUnited States
John Walker1976gold1500 mNew Zealand
Christiane Wartenberg1980silver1500 mEast Germany(Stoll)
Paul-Heinz Wellmann1976bronze1500 mWest Germany
Nicholas Willis2008silver1500 mNew Zealand
Harold A. Wilson1908silver1500 mUnited Kingdom
Vladimir Andreyev2000bronze20 km walkRussia
Erick Barrondo2012silver20 km walkGuatemala(García)
Daniel Bautista Rocha1976gold20 km walkMexico
Valeriy Borchin2008gold20 km walkRussia
Ivano Brugnetti2004gold20 km walkItaly
Ernesto Canto Gudiño1984gold20 km walkMexico
Chen Ding2012gold20 km walkChina
Maurizio Damilano1980gold20 km walkItaly
Maurizio Damilano1984bronze20 km walkItaly
Maurizio Damilano1988bronze20 km walkItaly
Nathan Deakes2004bronze20 km walkAustralia
Giovanni De Benedictis1992bronze20 km walkItaly
Noel Freeman1960silver20 km walkAustralia
Peter Frenkel1972gold20 km walkEast Germany
Peter Frenkel1976bronze20 km walkEast Germany
Raúl González1984silver20 km walkMexico
Noé Hernández2000silver20 km walkMexico
Volodymyr Holubnychy1960gold20 km walkSoviet Union(Golubnichy)
Volodymyr Holubnychy1964bronze20 km walkSoviet Union(Golubnichy)
Volodymyr Holubnychy1968gold20 km walkSoviet Union(Golubnichy)
Volodymyr Holubnychy1972silver20 km walkSoviet Union(Golubnichy)
Olimpiada Ivanova2004silver20 km walkRussia
Bruno Junk1956bronze20 km walkSoviet Union
Olga Kaniskina2008gold20 km walkRussia
Olga Kaniskina2012silver20 km walkRussia
Robert Korzeniowski2000gold20 km walkPoland
Elena Lashmanova2012gold20 km walkRussia
Guillaume LeBlanc1992silver20 km walkCanada
Dieter Lindner1964silver20 km walkUnified Team of Germany
Ilya Markov1996silver20 km walkRussia
Ken Matthews1964gold20 km walkUnited Kingdom
Antanas Mikėnas1956silver20 km walkSoviet Union
José Pedraza Zúñiga1968silver20 km walkMexico
Paquillo Peláez2004silver20 km walkSpain(Fernández)
Jefferson Pérez1996gold20 km walkEcuador
Jefferson Pérez2008silver20 km walkEcuador
Kjersti Plätzer2000silver20 km walkNorway
Kjersti Plätzer2008silver20 km walkNorway
Daniel Plaza Montero1992gold20 km walkSpain
Pyotr Pochynchuk1980silver20 km walkSoviet Union
Jozef Pribilinec1988gold20 km walkCzechoslovakia
Qieyang Shenjie2012bronze20 km walkChina
Hans-Georg Reimann1972bronze20 km walkEast Germany
Hans-Georg Reimann1976silver20 km walkEast Germany
Elisa Rigaudo2008bronze20 km walkItaly
Jane Saville2004bronze20 km walkAustralia
Bernardo Segura1996bronze20 km walkMexico
Nikolay Smaga1968bronze20 km walkSoviet Union
Leonid Spirin1956gold20 km walkSoviet Union
Jared Tallent2008bronze20 km walkAustralia
Athanasia Tsoumeleka2004gold20 km walkGreece
María Vasco2000bronze20 km walkSpain
Stan Vickers1960bronze20 km walkUnited Kingdom
Wang Liping2000gold20 km walkChina
Wang Zhen2012bronze20 km walkChina
Ronald Weigel1988silver20 km walkEast Germany
Roland Wieser1980bronze20 km walkEast Germany
William Applegarth1912bronze200 mUnited Kingdom
Thane Baker1952silver200 mUnited States
Thane Baker1956bronze200 mUnited States
Kirk Baptiste1984silver200 mUnited States
Michael Bates1992bronze200 mUnited States
Livio Berruti1960gold200 mItaly
Larry Black1972silver200 mUnited States
Marilyn Black1964bronze200 mAustralia(Vassella)
Yohan Blake2012silver200 mJamaica
Fanny Blankers-Koen1948gold200 mNetherlands
Natalya Bochina1980silver200 mSoviet Union
Ato Boldon1996bronze200 mTrinidad and Tobago
Ato Boldon2000bronze200 mTrinidad and Tobago
Usain Bolt2008gold200 mJamaica
Usain Bolt2012gold200 mJamaica
Valeriy Borzov1972gold200 mSoviet Union
Raelene Boyle1968silver200 mAustralia
Raelene Boyle1972silver200 mAustralia
Valerie Brisco-Hooks1984gold200 mUnited States
Bertha Brouwer1952silver200 mNetherlands
Darren Campbell2000silver200 mUnited Kingdom
Veronica Campbell-Brown2004gold200 mJamaica
Veronica Campbell-Brown2008gold200 mJamaica
John Carlos1968bronze200 mUnited States
Lester Carney1960silver200 mUnited States
Henry Carr1964gold200 mUnited States
Nathaniel John Cartmell1904silver200 mUnited States
Nathaniel John Cartmell1908bronze200 mUnited States
Robert Cloughen1908silver200 mUnited States
Ralph Craig1912gold200 mUnited States
Shawn Crawford2004gold200 mUnited States
Shawn Crawford2008silver200 mUnited States
Betty Cuthbert1956gold200 mAustralia
Juliet Cuthbert1992silver200 mJamaica
Robson da Silva1988bronze200 mBrazil
Pauline Davis-Thompson2000gold200 mBahamas
Joe DeLoach1988gold200 mUnited States
Walter Dix2008bronze200 mUnited States
Paul Drayton1964silver200 mUnited States
Heike Drechsler1988bronze200 mEast Germany
Harry Edward1920bronze200 mUnited Kingdom
Dwayne Evans1976bronze200 mUnited States
Barney Ewell1948silver200 mUnited States
Allyson Felix2004silver200 mUnited States
Allyson Felix2008silver200 mUnited States
Allyson Felix2012gold200 mUnited States
Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie2004bronze200 mBahamas
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce2012silver200 mJamaica
Frank Fredericks1992silver200 mNamibia
Frank Fredericks1996silver200 mNamibia
James Gathers1952bronze200 mUnited States
Justin Gatlin2004bronze200 mUnited States
Florence Griffith Joyner1984silver200 mUnited States
Florence Griffith Joyner1988gold200 mUnited States
Archie Hahn1904gold200 mUnited States
Millard Hampton Jr.1976silver200 mUnited States
Judith Heine1960silver200 mUnified Team of Germany
William Hogenson1904bronze200 mUnited States
Dorothy Hyman1960bronze200 mUnited Kingdom
Grace Jackson1988silver200 mJamaica
Marjorie Jackson-Nelson1952gold200 mAustralia
Susanthika Jayasinghe2000silver200 mSri Lanka
Thomas Jefferson1984bronze200 mUnited States
Carmelita Jeter2012bronze200 mUnited States
Michael Johnson1996gold200 mUnited States
Konstantinos Kenteris2000gold200 mGreece
Robert Kerr1908gold200 mCanada
Nadezhda Khnykina-Dvalishvili1952bronze200 mSoviet Union
Helmuth Körnig1928bronze200 mGermany
Lloyd La Beach1948bronze200 mPanama
Jennifer Lamy1968bronze200 mAustralia
Carl Lewis1984gold200 mUnited States
Carl Lewis1988silver200 mUnited States
Eric Liddell1924bronze200 mUnited Kingdom
Donald Lippincott1912silver200 mUnited States
Michael Marsh1992gold200 mUnited States
Marlene Mathews1956bronze200 mAustralia
Beverly McDonald2000bronze200 mJamaica
Edith McGuire1964gold200 mUnited States
Pietro Mennea1972bronze200 mItaly
Pietro Mennea1980gold200 mItaly
Ralph Metcalfe1932bronze200 mUnited States
Bobby Morrow1956gold200 mUnited States
Peter Norman1968silver200 mAustralia
Mary Onyali-Omagbemi1996bronze200 mNigeria
Tinus Osendarp1936bronze200 mNetherlands
Merlene Ottey1980bronze200 mJamaica
Merlene Ottey1984bronze200 mJamaica
Merlene Ottey1992bronze200 mJamaica
Merlene Ottey1996silver200 mJamaica
Jesse Owens1936gold200 mUnited States
Charles Paddock1920silver200 mUnited States
Charles Paddock1924silver200 mUnited States
Audrey Patterson1948bronze200 mUnited States
Mel Patton1948gold200 mUnited States
Marie-José Pérec1996gold200 mFrance
Norman Pritchard1900silver200 mIndia
Donald Quarrie1976gold200 mJamaica
Donald Quarrie1980bronze200 mJamaica
Walter Rangeley1928silver200 mUnited Kingdom
Annegret Richter1976silver200 mWest Germany(Irrgang)
Edwin Roberts1964bronze200 mTrinidad and Tobago
Mack Robinson1936silver200 mUnited States
Stanley Rowley1900bronze200 mAustralia
Wilma Rudolph1960gold200 mUnited States
Jackson Scholz1924gold200 mUnited States
Abdoulaye Seye1960bronze200 mFrance
George Simpson1932silver200 mUnited States
Thomas Smith1968gold200 mUnited States
Andy Stanfield1952gold200 mUnited States
Andy Stanfield1956silver200 mUnited States
Renate Stecher1972gold200 mEast Germany
Renate Stecher1976bronze200 mEast Germany
Kerron Stewart2008bronze200 mJamaica
Christa Stubnick1956silver200 mUnified Team of Germany
Irena Szewińska1964silver200 mPoland
Irena Szewińska1968gold200 mPoland
Irena Szewińska1972bronze200 mPoland
Walter B. Tewksbury1900gold200 mUnited States
Eddie Tolan1932gold200 mUnited States
Gwen Torrence1992gold200 mUnited States
Warren Weir2012bronze200 mJamaica
Allan Wells1980silver200 mUnited Kingdom
Bernard Williams2004silver200 mUnited States
Percy Williams1928gold200 mCanada
Audrey Williamson1948silver200 mUnited Kingdom
Bärbel Wöckel1976gold200 mEast Germany(Eckert)
Bärbel Wöckel1980gold200 mEast Germany(Eckert)
Allen Woodring1920gold200 mUnited States
Frank Castleman1904silver200 m hurdlesUnited States
Harry Hillman1904gold200 m hurdlesUnited States
Alvin Kraenzlein1900gold200 m hurdlesUnited States
George Poage1904bronze200 m hurdlesUnited States
Norman Pritchard1900silver200 m hurdlesIndia
Walter B. Tewksbury1900bronze200 m hurdlesUnited States
George Bonhag1908silver3 mile teamUnited States
William Coales1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom
Joe Deakin1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom
Louis Bonniot de Fleurac1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
Joseph Dreher1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
John Eisele1908silver3 mile teamUnited States
Paul Lizandier1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
Arthur Robertson1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom
Herbert Trube1908silver3 mile teamUnited States
Angela Chalmers1992bronze3000 mCanada
Tetyana Dorovskikh1988gold3000 mSoviet Union(Samolenko)
Tetyana Dorovskikh1992silver3000 mUnified Team(Samolenko)
Paula Ivan1988silver3000 mRomania
Yvonne Murray1988bronze3000 mUnited Kingdom
Maricica Puică1984gold3000 mRomania
Yelena Romanova1992gold3000 mUnified Team
Wendy Sly1984silver3000 mUnited Kingdom(Smith)
Lynn Williams1984bronze3000 mCanada(Kanuka)
Ernesto Ambrosini1920bronze3000 m steeplechaseItaly
Ove Andersen1928bronze3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Horace Ashenfelter1952gold3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Sofia Assefa2012bronze3000 m steeplechaseEthiopia
Frank Baumgartl1976bronze3000 m steeplechaseEast Germany
Filbert Bayi1980silver3000 m steeplechaseTanzania
Ivan Belyayev1964bronze3000 m steeplechaseSoviet Union
Matthew Birir1992gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Amos Biwott1968gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Paul Bontemps1924bronze3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Chris Brasher1956gold3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Jean Chastanié1900bronze3000 m steeplechaseFrance
John Daly1904silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Brian Diemer1984bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
John Disley1952bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Alfred Dompert1936bronze3000 m steeplechaseGermany
Erik Elmsäter1948silver3000 m steeplechaseSweden
Thomas Evenson1932silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Ali Ezzine2000bronze3000 m steeplechaseMorocco
Patrick Flynn1920silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Anders Gärderud1976gold3000 m steeplechaseSweden
Habiba Ghribi2012silver3000 m steeplechaseTunisia
Göte Hagström1948bronze3000 m steeplechaseSweden
Maurice Herriott1964silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Percy Hodge1920gold3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Volmari Iso-Hollo1932gold3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Volmari Iso-Hollo1936gold3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Eunice Jepkorir2008silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Ben Jipcho1972silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Tapio Kantanen1972bronze3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Julius Kariuki1988gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Elias Katz1924silver3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Vladimir Kazantsev1952silver3000 m steeplechaseSoviet Union
Kipchoge Keino1972gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Ezekiel Kemboi2004gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya(Cheboi)
Ezekiel Kemboi2012gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya(Cheboi)
Joseph Keter1996gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Wilson Kipketer2000silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Brimin Kipruto2004silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Brimin Kipruto2008gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Moses Kiptanui1996silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Paul Koech2004bronze3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Peter Koech1988silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Benjamin Kogo1968silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Julius Korir1984gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Reuben Kosgei2000gold3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak1960gold3000 m steeplechasePoland
Alessandro Lambruschini1996bronze3000 m steeplechaseItaly
Ernst Larsen1956bronze3000 m steeplechaseNorway
James Lightbody1904gold3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Toivo Loukola1928gold3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Joseph Mahmoud1984silver3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Bronisław Malinowski1976silver3000 m steeplechasePoland
Bronisław Malinowski1980gold3000 m steeplechasePoland
Richard Mateelong2008bronze3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Joe McCluskey1932bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad2008silver3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad2012silver3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad2016bronze3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Abel Mutai2012bronze3000 m steeplechaseKenya
William Mutwol1992bronze3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Arthur L. Newton1904bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Paavo Nurmi1928silver3000 m steeplechaseFinland
George Orton1900gold3000 m steeplechaseCanada
Sidney Robinson1900silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Gaston Roelants1964gold3000 m steeplechaseBelgium
Mark Rowland1988bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Sándor Rozsnyói1956silver3000 m steeplechaseHungary
Semyon Rzhishchin1960bronze3000 m steeplechaseSoviet Union
Gulnara Samitova-Galkina2008gold3000 m steeplechaseRussia
Patrick Sang1992silver3000 m steeplechaseKenya
Tore Sjöstrand1948gold3000 m steeplechaseSweden
Nikolay Sokolov1960silver3000 m steeplechaseSoviet Union
Kaarlo Tuominen1936silver3000 m steeplechaseFinland
Eshetu Tura1980bronze3000 m steeplechaseEthiopia
Yekaterina Volkova2008bronze3000 m steeplechaseRussia
George Young1968bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
Yuliya Zaripova2012gold3000 m steeplechaseRussia
Eric Backman1920bronze3000 m teamSweden
Tell Berna1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Charles Edward Blewitt1920silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
George Bonhag1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Hal Brown1920gold3000 m teamUnited States
Arthur Clark1924silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
James Connolly1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
William Cottrill1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
William Cox1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
Ivan Dresser1920gold3000 m teamUnited States
Bror Fock1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Nils Frykberg1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Albert Hill1920silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
George Hutson1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Elias Katz1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Edward Kirby1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
Abel Kiviat1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Leo Larrivee1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
Frej Liewendahl1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Sven Lundgren1920bronze3000 m teamSweden
Bertram Macdonald1924silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
William Moore1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Paavo Nurmi1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Thorild Olsson1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Edward Owen1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Cyril Porter1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Walter Harold Porter1924silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Joie Ray1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
Ville Ritola1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Arlie Schardt1920gold3000 m teamUnited States
Louis Scott1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
William Seagrove1920silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
William Seagrove1924silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Eino Seppälä1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Norman Taber1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Sameli Tala1924gold3000 m teamFinland
Willard Tibbetts1924bronze3000 m teamUnited States
George Webber1924silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Edvin Wide1920bronze3000 m teamSweden
Ernst Wide1912silver3000 m teamSweden
John Zander1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Ugo Frigerio1920gold3000 m walkItaly
George Parker1920silver3000 m walkAustralia
Richard Remer1920bronze3000 m walkUnited States
John Eisele1908bronze3200 m steeplechaseUnited States
Arthur Robertson1908silver3200 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Arthur Russell1908gold3200 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Harry Kerr1908bronze3500 m walkAustralasia
George Larner1908gold3500 m walkUnited Kingdom
Ernest Webb1908silver3500 m walkUnited Kingdom
Albert Corey1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team(Coray)
Sidney Hatch1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
Lacey Hearn1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
James Lightbody1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
David Munson1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Arthur L. Newton1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Paul Pilgrim1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
George Underwood1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Howard Valentine1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Frank Verner1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
Judith Amoore1964bronze400 mAustralia(Pollock)
Natalya Antyukh2004bronze400 mRussia
Alonzo Babers1984gold400 mUnited States
Andrzej Badeński1964bronze400 mPoland
Jimmy Ball1928silver400 mCanada
Ray Barbuti1928gold400 mUnited States
Colette Besson1968gold400 mFrance
Roger Black1996silver400 mUnited Kingdom
Lillian Board1968silver400 mUnited Kingdom
Hanns Braun1912silver400 mGermany
Derrick Brew2004bronze400 mUnited States
Valerie Brisco-Hooks1984gold400 mUnited States
Godfrey Brown1936silver400 mUnited Kingdom
Olha Bryzhina1988gold400 mSoviet Union(Bryzgina)
Olha Bryzhina1992silver400 mUnified Team(Bryzgina)
Joachim Büchner1928bronze400 mGermany
Thomas Burke1896gold400 mUnited States
Guy Butler1920silver400 mUnited Kingdom
Guy Butler1924bronze400 mUnited Kingdom
Bill Carr1932gold400 mUnited States
Chandra Cheeseborough1984silver400 mUnited States
Wayne Collett1972silver400 mUnited States
Betty Cuthbert1964gold400 mAustralia
Otis Davis1960gold400 mUnited States
Ben Eastman1932silver400 mUnited States
Nils Engdahl1920bronze400 mSweden
Lee Evans1968gold400 mUnited States
Daniel Everett1988bronze400 mUnited States
Lorraine Fenton2000silver400 mJamaica(Graham)
Horatio Fitch1924silver400 mUnited States
Herman Frazier1976bronze400 mUnited States
Cathy Freeman1996silver400 mAustralia
Cathy Freeman2000gold400 mAustralia
Ron Freeman1968bronze400 mUnited States
Charles Gmelin1896bronze400 mUnited Kingdom
Lalonde Gordon2012bronze400 mTrinidad and Tobago
Herman Groman1904bronze400 mUnited States
Ana Guevara2004silver400 mMexico
Karl-Friedrich Haas1956silver400 mUnified Team of Germany
Wyndham Halswelle1908gold400 mUnited Kingdom
Kathy Hammond1972bronze400 mUnited States
Otis Harris2004silver400 mUnited States
Alvin Harrison2000silver400 mUnited States
Greg Haughton2000bronze400 mJamaica
Voitto Hellsten1956bronze400 mFinland
Harry Hillman1904gold400 mUnited States
William Holland1900silver400 mUnited States
Ardalion Ignatyev1956bronze400 mSoviet Union
Kirani James2012gold400 mGrenada
Larry James1968silver400 mUnited States
Herbert Jamison1896silver400 mUnited States
Charles Jenkins1956gold400 mUnited States
Michael Johnson1996gold400 mUnited States
Michael Johnson2000gold400 mUnited States
Alberto Juantorena1976gold400 mCuba
Davis Kamoga1996bronze400 mUganda
Carl Kaufmann1960silver400 mUnified Team of Germany
Samson Kitur1992bronze400 mKenya
Marita Koch1980gold400 mEast Germany
Jarmila Kratochvílová1980silver400 mCzechoslovakia
Mike Larrabee1964gold400 mUnited States
Christina Lathan1976silver400 mEast Germany(Brehmer)
Christina Lathan1980bronze400 mEast Germany(Brehmer)
Steve Lewis1988gold400 mUnited States
Steve Lewis1992silver400 mUnited States
Eric Liddell1924gold400 mUnited Kingdom
Ed Lindberg1912bronze400 mUnited States
Maxie Long1900gold400 mUnited States
James LuValle1936bronze400 mUnited States
Viktor Markin1980gold400 mSoviet Union
Ollie Matson1952bronze400 mUnited States
Vincent Matthews1972gold400 mUnited States
Antonio McKay1984bronze400 mUnited States
Herbert McKenley1948silver400 mJamaica
Herbert McKenley1952silver400 mJamaica
LaShawn Merritt2008gold400 mUnited States
Katharine Merry2000bronze400 mUnited Kingdom
Richard Mitchell1980silver400 mAustralia
Wendell Mottley1964silver400 mTrinidad and Tobago
Olga Nazarova1988bronze400 mSoviet Union
David Neville2008bronze400 mUnited States
Fred Newhouse1976silver400 mUnited States
Falilat Ogunkoya1996bronze400 mNigeria
Christine Ohuruogu2008gold400 mGreat Britain
Christine Ohuruogu2012silver400 mGreat Britain
Ann Packer1964silver400 mUnited Kingdom
Natalya Pechonkina1968bronze400 mSoviet Union
Marie-José Pérec1992gold400 mFrance
Marie-José Pérec1996gold400 mFrance
Charles Reidpath1912gold400 mUnited States
Ximena Restrepo Gaviria1992bronze400 mColombia
Harry Reynolds1988silver400 mUnited States
George Rhoden1952gold400 mJamaica
Sanya Richards-Ross2008bronze400 mUnited States
Sanya Richards-Ross2012gold400 mUnited States
Bevil Rudd1920gold400 mSouth Africa
Julius Sang1972bronze400 mKenya
Luguelín Santos2012silver400 mDominican Republic
Frank Schaffer1980bronze400 mEast Germany
Petra Schersing1988silver400 mEast Germany(Müller)
Ernst Schultz1900bronze400 mDenmark
Kathy Smallwood-Cook1984bronze400 mUnited Kingdom
Malcolm Spence1960bronze400 mSouth Africa
Ellen Streidt1976bronze400 mEast Germany(Stropahl)
Irena Szewińska1976gold400 mPoland
Gabriel Tiacoh1984silver400 mCôte d'Ivoire
DeeDee Trotter2012bronze400 mUnited States
Frank Waller1904silver400 mUnited States
Jeremy Wariner2004gold400 mUnited States
Jeremy Wariner2008silver400 mUnited States
Quincy Watts1992gold400 mUnited States
Mal Whitfield1948bronze400 mUnited States
Rita Wilden1972silver400 mWest Germany(Jahn)
Archie Williams1936gold400 mUnited States
Shericka Williams2008silver400 mJamaica
Tonique Williams-Darling2004gold400 mBahamas
Alexander Wilson1932bronze400 mCanada
Arthur Wint1948gold400 mJamaica
Monika Zehrt1972gold400 mEast Germany
Derrick Adkins1996gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Kriss Akabusi1992bronze400 m hurdlesGreat Britain
John Akii-Bua1972gold400 m hurdlesUganda
Hadi Soua'an Al-Somaily2000silver400 m hurdlesSaudi Arabia
Natalya Antyukh2012gold400 m hurdlesRussia
Vasyl Arkhypenko1980silver400 m hurdlesSoviet Union(Arkhipenko)
Charles Bacon1908gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Kim Batten1996silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Volker Beck1980gold400 m hurdlesEast Germany
Nezha Bidouane2000bronze400 m hurdlesMorocco
Judith Brown1984silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Tonja Buford-Bailey1996bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States
David Burghley1928gold400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom(Cecil)
Rex Cawley1964gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Fani Chalkia2004gold400 m hurdlesGreece
Kerron Clement2008silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Roy Cochran1948gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Cristieana Cojocaru1984bronze400 m hurdlesRomania
John Cooper1964silver400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Frank Cuhel1928silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Joshua Culbreath1956bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States
Javier Culson2012bronze400 m hurdlesPuerto Rico(Pérez)
Clifton Cushman1960silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Tasha Danvers2008bronze400 m hurdlesGreat Britain
Calvin Davis1996bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States
Glenn Davis1956gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Glenn Davis1960gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Lashinda Demus2012silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
August Desch1920bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States
Amadou Dia Ba1988silver400 m hurdlesSenegal
Nawal El Moutawakel1984gold400 m hurdlesMorocco
Sandra Farmer-Patrick1992silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Ellen Fiedler1988bronze400 m hurdlesEast Germany
Debra Flintoff-King1988gold400 m hurdlesAustralia
Yevgeniy Gavrilenko1976bronze400 m hurdlesSoviet Union
Winthrop Graham1992silver400 m hurdlesJamaica
Sally Gunnell1992gold400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Glenn Hardin1932silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Glenn Hardin1936gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Danny Harris1984silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Zuzana Hejnová2012bronze400 m hurdlesCzech Republic
David Hemery1968gold400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
David Hemery1972bronze400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Deon Hemmings1996gold400 m hurdlesJamaica
Deon Hemmings2000silver400 m hurdlesJamaica
Gerhard Hennige1968silver400 m hurdlesWest Germany
Llewellyn Herbert2000bronze400 m hurdlesSouth Africa
Harry Hillman1904gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Harry Hillman1908silver400 m hurdlesUnited States