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Name Coffelt
Type Surname (from given name & from location)
Pronounced Pron. KAHF-ehlt(English)
Other Forms FormsÓ Cobhthaigh, Mac Eachaidh, Mac Cathmhaoil, Caughey, McCaughey, McGaughey, Coffee, Coffey, Coffy, O'Coffey, O'Coffy, Mulcahy, Mulcahey, McGahey, Coffie, Gaffey, McGaffey, Kauffeld, Caulfield, Caufield, Cofield, Coffield, Cockfield, Kohfeld, Kuhfeld, Kohfeldt, McCawell
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Meaning & History

From Irish Gaelic Mac Eachaidh meaning "son of Eochaidh". It could also be an Americanized spelling of German Kauffeld (see Caulfield).
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