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Name Grammer
Type Surname (from occupation & from location)
Pronounced Pron. GRA-mər(English)
Other Forms FormsGrammar, Gramm, Gram, Gramer, Grämer, Gramar, Krämer, Kraemer, Kramer, Kramář, Kramár, Kalmár, Kramarz, Kramar, Kremer, Krammer, Kraemmer, Kraymer, Kraymmer, Cramer, Cremer, Cromer, Crammer, Kromer, Krömer, Kröhmer, Krohmer, Kroemer, Gromer, Grömer, Kramme, Kramm, Kram, Cramm, Cram, Grams
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Meaning & History

Variant of Krämer or a habitational name for someone possibly from German places called Gram or Grammen. It can also be an English occupational name for a scholar or an astrologer, derived from Old French gramaire meaning "grammarian, scholar, astrologer". Famous bearers include the Americans Kelsey Grammer (1955-), an actor and comedian, and Andy Grammer (1983-), a musician.
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