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Name Griner
Type Surname (from nickname & from location)
Scripts גרינער(Yiddish)
Pronounced Pron. GRIE-nər(English) GRIE-nu(German)
Other Forms FormsGreiner, Grein, Grine, Green, Greene, Gruen, Grün, Groen, Grön, Greener, Grien, Grenier, Greinen, Greinier, Grain, Grin, Grine, Griener, Grainer, Grene, Gryner, Grener, Graine, Griene, Greine, Grinie, Greenier, Grüner, Gruener, Groene, Grone, Grona, Gruene, Grundel, Grunder, Grundler, Grinier, Grinder, Grindel, Grindle, Grinde
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Meaning & History

Americanised form of German Greiner. It could also denote a person who came from various German places called Grüna or Grünau. In Jewish, it is a topographic name for someone who lived in a green of leafy area, derived from Yiddish grin meaning "green" or Middle High German gruene meaning "greenery".
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