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Name Feinman
Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage German, Jewish
Scripts פיינמן(Hebrew) פיינמאן(Yiddish)
Pronounced Pron. FIEN-man(German)
Other Forms FormsFeinmann, Fineman, Feynman, Fainman, Faynman, Feynmann, Feineman, Fienemann, Fyneman, Fijneman, Fein, Fine, Fain, Feyn, Feynn, Feinn, Fainn, Feine, Faine, Finer, Fayn, Fines, Fijn, Feiner, Fainer, Fiehn
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Meaning & History

Nickname for a fine person, derived from either Middle High German fīn meaning "fine, elegant, cultivated" or German fein and Yiddish fayn meaning "fine, excellent", combined with man.
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