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Name De Waal
Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Dutch, Walloon
Pronounced Pron. də-VAL(Dutch)
Other Forms FormsVan Der Walle, Van De Walle, Van Der Wall, Van Der Wal, Van De Wall, Van Der Waall, Van Der Waal, Van De Wal, Van De Waal, De Walle, De Wal, De Wall, Der Wal, Van Walle, Van Waal, Walle, Wal, Wallé, Wallée, Wallee, Wall, Van Den Wall, Van Den Wal, Van Den Walle, De Gaulle, Gaulle, Gaule, De Gaule, Gaull, Gaul, Gaulé, Gauley, De Gaule, Wahl, Waller, Wahler, Wähler
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Meaning & History

Means "the Walloon" in Dutch, derived from Middle Dutch wale, originally indicating a person who came from Wallonia, a French-speaking region of southern Belgium. It could also possibly be a variant spelling of Van Der Walle and De Walle meaning "the wall"', though evidence for this is lacking. This surname can be found mostly in the Netherlands and South Africa.
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