Walloon Submitted Surnames

Walloon names are used in southern Belgium by speakers of Walloon.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Bail French, Walloon
Nickname from Old French bail for "governor, regent, bailiff".
Charlier French, Walloon
Occupational name for a cartwright wheelwright from Old French charrelier a derivative of charrel "cart" a diminutive of char "cart carriage".
Cuvelier French, Walloon, Flemish
Occupational name for a Cooper derived from an agent in Old French cuve "vat tun". Also found in the Netherlands.
Delahaye French, Walloon
Variant with fused preposition de "from" of Lahaye. This surname is also found in the Flemish part of Belgium.
Delannoy French, Flemish, Walloon
From the various locations in northern France and Belgium called Lannoy with the element de "from".
De Waal Dutch, Walloon
Means "the Walloon" in Dutch, derived from Middle Dutch wale, originally indicating a person who came from Wallonia, a French-speaking region of southern Belgium. It could also possibly be a variant spelling of Van Der Walle and De Walle meaning "the wall"', though evidence for this is lacking... [more]
Dieu French, Walloon
From French dieu "god" given as a nickname for someone who played Christ in medieval mysteries or for a presumptious or an overly religious person, or from a short for of the given name Dieudonné.
Dumoulin French, Walloon
Variant with fused preposition and definite article du "from the" of Moulin meaning "from the mill" and This surname is also found in the Flemish part of Belgium and in the Netherlands.
Fort French, Walloon, English, Catalan
Either a nickname from Old French Middle English Catalan fort "strong brave" (from Latin fortis). Compare Lefort... [more]
Froment French, Walloon, English
from French froment "wheat" (from Latin frumentum "grain") probably applied as a nickname for a peasant or as metonymic occupational name for a dealer in wheat... [more]
Lahaye French, Walloon
topographic name with the definite article la from Old French haye "hedge" (see Haye ) or a habitational name from La Haye the name of several places in various parts of France and in Belgium (Wallonia) named with this word... [more]
Lannoy French, Walloon, Flemish
From the various locations in northern France and Belgium called Lannoy. Variant of Delannoy.
Lefort French, Walloon
Either a nickname from French le fort "the strong" (see Fort ). It is also found in Germany where it is probably of Alsatian origin (compare Lefor ) and in Haiti where it most likely originates from the nickname Lefort... [more]
Lejeune French, Walloon
Surname meaning "the young, the younger". given as an epithet for younger bearers and variant of Jeune.
Luxenberg German, Jewish, Luxembourgish, Belgian, French, Walloon
Habitational name from various places named Luxenberg, Luxemberg, Luxenburg, or Luxembourg, including the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Maison French, Walloon
Derived from Old French maison "residence", this name used to be given to someone who lived by an important house.
Marchal French, Walloon
Either a status name or occupational name from Old French mareschal "marshal" (from Late Latin mariscalcus). The term is of ancient Germanic origin (from marah "horse mare" and scalc "servant") and was originally applied to a man who looked after horses... [more]
Maréchal French, Walloon
French cognitive of Marshall and variant of Marchal.
Mastin French, Flemish, Walloon
occupational name for a household servant or guard from Old French mastin "watchdog, manservant" (from Latin mansuetudinus "domestic"). The Old French word had the further sense of a bad-tempered dog and was used as an adjective in the sense of "bad cruel".
Motte French, Walloon, Flemish, German
from old French motte "motte" a word of Gaulish origin denoting a man-made protective mound or moat surrounding a castle or other fortified strongholds; or a habitational name from any of the various places in France and in Belgium named with this word.... [more]
Urbain French, Walloon
From the given name Urbain.