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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is YEET11111.
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Aimasmäki Finnish (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
Bang Korean
Bang is derived from the Korean word ‘sarangbang’ referring to a ‘room’.
Gug Korean
From korean hanja 國, 菊, or 鞠. A surname for 19 000 koreans
Haapavaara Finnish
Means 'aspenhill'
Heo Korean
Often spelled as ‘Huh,’ this Korean surname means ‘to permit’ or ‘advocate’.
Hong Korean
This surname originated in China and refers to ‘expand’ or ‘great’.
Huotari Finnish
Meaning and origins unknown
Idänpirtti Finnish
Origins remain unknown. Idänpirtti translates as 'The Cabin of The East'
Kangjeong Korean (Archaic)
Meaning unknown. Surname for 50 koreans, very archaic.
Kyrö Finnish
Origins remain unknown, might be deprived from the rare given name Kyrö or the location name. The earliest documented person with Kyrö as a surname dates back to 1553
Nikkilä Finnish
Origins remain unknown
Pyeon Korean (Rare)
Meaning unknown. Approximately 15 000 koreans have this surname
Rantavuori Finnish (Rare)
Means Mountain By The Beach/Bay
Savinainen Finnish
Literally translates as Woman Made Out Of Clay. Real meaning and origin remain unknown
Woo Korean
Woo is a spelling variant of ‘Wu’ referring to an ancient state of ‘Wu’. It is located in the Jiangsu province.
Yang Korean
Korean form of Liang, from Sino-Korean 梁 (yang).
Yu Korean
Korean form of Liu, from Sino-Korean 劉 (yu).