Finnish Submitted Surnames

Finnish names are used in the country of Finland in northern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aho Finnish
Means "glade" in Finnish.
Ahonen Finnish
A combination of Finnish aho "meadow" and the common surname suffix -nen.
Ahtisaari Finnish (Rare)
A notable bearer is Martti Ahtisaari (b. 1937), the tenth president of Finland (1994-2000), a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a United Nations diplomat and mediator noted for his international peace work... [more]
Aimasmäki Finnish (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
Anttila Finnish
Derived from the given name Antti
Asikkala Finnish
Indicates familial origin from Asikkala, a municipality in southern Finland.
Aukio Finnish
"square", "plaza", "clearing", or "concourse"
Aurinko Finnish
Aurinko means "sun" in Finnish.
Elo Finnish
Means "life" in Finnish.
Forsström Swedish, Finnish
Derived from Swedish fors meaning "waterfall" and ström (Old Norse straumr) meaning "stream".
Fränti Finnish
Derived from Swedish frände "kinsman".
Gadolin Finnish (Rare)
Derived from the name of the homestead Magnula in Kalanti (formerly Nykyrko) parish in southwest Finland. Magnula is thought to be associated with Latin magnus "large, big, great" and the name Gadolin is derived from Hebrew gadol with the same meaning... [more]
Grönlund Swedish, Finnish
Combination of Swedish grön "green" and lund "grove".
Haapavaara Finnish
Means 'aspenhill'
Haavisto Finnish
Means "place with aspens" or "group of aspens". This name comes from a combination of haapa, "aspen", and the suffix -sto which is used for places and groups of things.
Häkkinen Finnish
From given name Heikki
Hannikainen Finnish
Old surname from eastern Finland, derived from the name Hannes.
Harju Finnish
Means "esker", a long ridge formed by a river flowing underneath a glacier.
Härkönen Finnish
A surname derived from the Finnish word härkä, meaning 'bull', and the common surname suffix -nen.
Harma Finnish, Estonian
Anglicized form of either Härma or Haarma. The former is a locational surname referring to places in Estonia and Finland. The latter means 'gray' in Finnish.
Hartikka Finnish
Finnish surname, possibly a Finnish variant of German first name Harteke.
Hautala Finnish
Finnish. Topographical, (haute) meaning, “graves, tomb” combined with (la) meaning “abode, home, or land of….”
Hautamaa Finnish
Finnish. Topographical, (haute) meaning, “graves, tomb” combined with (maa) meaning, “country.”
Hautamäki Finnish
Finnish for "GRAVESHILL;" possibly cemetery or simply a person who lived near graves on a hill. From hauta ("grave") & mäki ("hill")
Helsinki Finnish
From the capital of Finland.
Hietala Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (la) meaning, “abode, house, place, or land of….”
Hietamaa Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (maa) meaning, “country.”
Hietamäki Finnish
Derived from hieta ("fine-sand") & mäki ("hill").
Hiljanen Finnish
Hiljanen derives from hilja which means "quiet" in Finnish.
Hirvonen Finnish
Derived from Finnish hirvi "elk, moose".
Hokka Finnish
Possibly deriving from the Karelian given name Hokka.
Hokkanen Finnish
From the Karelian given name Hokka (a derivative of Russian Foka) combined with the Finnish surname suffix -nen.
Holappa Finnish
The name Holappa has its origin in a Russian word holop which means “slave” or “soul” (see “Dead Souls” by Nikolai Gogol).
Holkeri Finnish
Finnish surname, derived from Scandinavian given name Holger.
Hölttä Finnish
Means "unreliable" or "untrustworthy". A nickname for a deceitful person.
Huhtamäki Finnish
Derived from huhta (“woodland cleared for slash-and-burn cultivation”) +‎ mäki (“hill”).
Huotari Finnish
From the Karelian vernacular form of Fyodor.
Idänpirtti Finnish
Origins remain unknown. Idänpirtti translates as 'The Cabin of The East'
Illoinen Finnish
Ancient Finnish surname derived from the name of an estate located in Rusko, Finland. Today used as a surname, also part of the city of Turku, Finland. Original meaning: a vigorous well.
Ilola Finnish
Derived from Finnish ilo "joy".
Joutsen Finnish
Means “swan” in Finnish.
Jouttijärvi Finnish (Rare)
From the name of any of the many lakes named Jouttijärvi in Finland.
Justus German, Dutch, Finnish
From the given name Justus.
Kallio Finnish
Means "rock" in Finnish (as in a formation of solid rock, not a piece of stone). Common, is in the top 50 surnames. Kyösti Kallio was the fourth president of Finland.
Kangas Finnish
Derived from Finnish kangas, denoting a type of soil and the type of forest (known as boreal forest or taiga) that grows in such soil.
Karhu Finnish
Means "bear" (the animal) in Finnish.
Kari Finnish, German (Austrian), Slovene (?), Hungarian, Indian, Marathi
As a Finnish name, it is a topographic and ornamental name from kari "small island", "stony rapids", "sandbar", or "rocky place in a field". This name is found throughout Finland.... [more]
Karjala Finnish
Finnish from karja ‘cattle’ + the local suffix -la, or possibly from a word of Germanic origin, harja- ‘host’, ‘crowd’, Old Swedish haer. Historic records suggest that the Germanic inhabitants of the area around Lake Ladoga (in present-day Russia) used this term to refer to the Finns who once lived there.
Kärkkäinen Finnish
From Finnish kärkäs meaning ”eager” and the suffix -nen. A Finnish department store chain bears this name after its founder, Juha Kärkkäinen.
Kataja Finnish
Finnish for common juniper. Originally given to people living near juniper trees.
Kaunisvesi Finnish
Means "beautiful water", deriving from the Finnish elements kaunis ("possessing charm and attractiveness") and vesi ("water").
Kenttä Finnish
Means "field" in Finnish.
Keränen Finnish
Possibly from Keräpää, a nickname for a bald person or someone with a round head and/or with closely cropped hair, combined with the common surname suffix -nen. In eastern Finland the name dates back to the 16th century.
Kettunen Finnish
Derived from Finnish kettu "fox".
Kiuru Finnish, Karelian
"lark (bird)"
Kivimäki Finnish
"Combined of Finnish words kivi (stone) and mäki (hill)"
Kivistö Finnish
A combination of Finnish kivi "stone, rock" and the suffix -stö.
Kohvakka Finnish
from the Finnish root word Kohva - meaning ice crust, frozen slush, or something hard... [more]
Koivisto Finnish
From "koivu" meaning "birch tree". A place with lot of birches.
Koivu Finnish
Means "birch" in Finnish.
Koivula Finnish
From Finnish koivu meaning "birch" and the suffix -la signifying a place.
Koivunen Finnish
From Finnish koivu meaning "birch" and the suffix -nen.
Kontio Finnish
Means "bear, bruin" in Finnish.
Korpela Finnish
From korpi, a marsh type, and -la, a suffix used for places. This surname was found in Lapua, Vassa, Finland, circa 1900 and before.
Koski Finnish
Means "rapids" in Finnish.
Kuopus Finnish
A house name in Pudasjärvi Oulu Finland... [more]
Kuosmanen Finnish
Meaning uncertain. Possibly deriving from the Finnish element kuoha ("foam"), or the element kousi ("pattern"). Features the nen suffix commonly found in surnames of Savo-Karelian origin.
Kuusinen Finnish
A surname originating from Eastern Finland, comprised of the elements “kuusi” meaning “six” or “moon”, and the suffix “-nen” which is typical of Eastern Finnish surnames. A notable bearer of this name is the Finnish-Soviet politician and writer Otto V. Kuusinen, one of the original founders of the Finnish Communist Party.
Kyrö Finnish
Origins remain unknown, might be deprived from the rare given name Kyrö or the location name. The earliest documented person with Kyrö as a surname dates back to 1553
Kyyhkynen Finnish
Means "pigeon, dove" in Finnish.
Laakso Finnish
From laakso ‘valley’, generally an ornamental name adopted during the name conversion movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Often, it was adopted by Finnish bearers of Swedish names containing the Swedish element dal ‘valley’.
Lalli Finnish
Of uncertain etymology. This surname has been attested in Finland since 1550 CE.
Lamberg Finnish, Swedish
Perhaps combination of an unexplained first element (maybe taken from a place name) and Swedish berg "mountain". It could also be of German origin (see other submission).
Lampela Finnish
From Finnish word lampi which means "pond" or "pool". There is almost 2000 Finns and 127 people from other countries with this name.
Lehtiranta Finnish
From the word "Lehtirant" meaning "Leaflet".
Lehto Finnish
Finnish: from lehto ‘grove’; either a habitational name, recorded since the 17th century, from any of the farms in eastern Finland named for their location by a grove, or in other cases a more recent ornamental adoption... [more]
Lehtomäki Finnish
Lehto means "grove" and Mäki means "hill" in Finnish. This type of surname (combination of two nature related words) is very common in Finland.
Leino Finnish
Derived from Finnish leina, leini and leino meaning "sad, weak".
Leminen Finnish
Derived from the the name of the municipality of "Lemi" in Finland
Lempiäinen Finnish
Alternative form of Lempinen.
Lempinen Finnish
Derived from the given name Lempi, meaning "love" or from a nickname.
Leskinen Finnish
From Leski, meaning "widow". Notable people with this name are Otto Leskinen, a Finnish ice hockey player, and Alexis Leskinen, a character from Steins;Gate 0
Liekki Finnish (Rare)
Means 'flame' in Finnish.
Liimatainen Finnish
The meaning is: "Son of a Glue Maker"
Lilja Swedish, Finnish
Means "lily" in Swedish and Finnish. It is also used as a first name (see Lilja).
Linn Scottish, Scots, English, Irish, German, Jewish, Finnish (Anglicized), Estonian
As a Scottish and Northern English surname, it is a variant of Lyne. Its usage as an English name is primarily by Scots living in Northern England.... [more]
Luhtanen Finnish
Luhtanen is an Finnish surname derived from "luhta" meaning "swamp flood meadow".
Luoma Finnish
A name derived from the Finnish topographic word luomi, meaning "creek" or "small river". Common in central and western Finland.
Maan Arabic, Limburgish, Finnish
Of meaning unknown
Mackey Irish, Scottish, Scottish Gaelic, Finnish (Anglicized)
As an Irish name with stress on the first syllable, it is an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Macdha ‘descendant of Macdha.’... [more]
Mäki Finnish
Finnish surname from the word mäki meaning "hill".
Malm Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish
Means "ore" in the Scandinavian languages.
Marttinen Finnish
Derived from the given name Martti and the name suffix -nen, which is sometimes patronymic. John Morton (1725-1777), Pennsylvania/American politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was descended from a Marttinen family whose name had been anglicized as Morton.
Matela Finnish
Possibly based on the Finnish given name Mattias.
Mattila Finnish
Means "Matti's farm". A combination of Matti and the suffix -la "farm, place".
Meikäläinen Finnish
Meaning "our" in Finnish.
Merikanto Finnish
From Finnish meri "sea" and Kanto, an estate in Finland.... [more]
Metsä Finnish
Means “forest” in Finnish.
Metsäniemi Finnish
Finnish surname derived from metsä meaning forest and niemi meaning peninsula.
Moilanen Finnish
Meaning uncertain, features the nen suffix commonly found in surnames of Savo-Karelian origin.
Mustanen Finnish
It derives from the Finnish word for the colour "black", musta.
Mykkänen Finnish (Rare)
Finnish rare variant of Mäkinen.
Myllymäki Finnish
Combination of Finnish mylly "mill" and mäki "hill, slope".
Myrsky Finnish
Means "storm, tempest, gale".
Nevala Finnish
From Finnish word 'neva', which is a marsh type and '-la', a suffix used for places.
Niemitalo Finnish
Finnish surname derived from the words "Niemi" meaning "peninsula,cape" and "talo" meaning "house"
Niinistö Finnish
Combination of Finnish niini "bast fibre" and the suffix -stö.
Nikkilä Finnish
Origins remain unknown
Niska Finnish, Sami
From Finnish niska "neck" (in this case referring to an isthmus).
Niskanen Finnish
Either from a place named with Finnish niska "neck", or from a nickname for a headstrong person.
Niva Sami, Finnish
From Finnish niva "small rapid in a river", ultimately derived from Northern Sami njavvi "small river, small rapid".
Norrgård Finnish, Swedish
From Swedish norr meaning "north" combined with gård meaning "farm, estate".
Oinas Estonian, Finnish
Oinas is an Estonian and Finnish surname meaning "ram (Ovis Aries)" in both languages. The surname is somewhat rare in Finland.
Oja Finnish
From Finnish oja "ditch, trench".
Ojala Estonian, Finnish
From oja meaning ‘ditch’, ‘channel’ + the local suffix -la, a habitational name from any of the numerous farms so named throughout Finland, early settlement of the country having been concentrated along waterways... [more]
Oka Finnish
Means "thorn" in Finnish.
Oksa Finnish
Means "branch" in Finnish.
Oksanen Finnish
Derived from Finnish oksa "branch".
Paavola Finnish
Habitational name, from a farm so named from the personal name Paavo, vernacular form of Paulus, + the locative ending -la... [more]
Palola Finnish
Probably from Palo, the name of many Finnish villages or palo meaning "fire" and the suffix -la signifying a place.
Pannala Finnish
Finnish: from the female personal name Anna + the local suffix -la. Found chiefly in Ostrobothnia.
Pelto Finnish
Translates to "field" from Finnish.
Perhonen Finnish (Rare)
Means "butterfly" in Finnish.
Pesälä Finnish
From Finnish pesä meaning “nest” and the suffix -lä signifying a place.
Pollari Finnish
Finnish surname from farms with said name in central Finland.
Porko Finnish
Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from Finnish poro meaning "reindeer".
Pöyhönen Finnish
Of uncertain etymology. Features the nen suffix commonly found in surnames of Savo-Karelian origin.
Pöyry Finnish
The Pöyry surname is connected to the ancient Scandinavian male name Biur.
Pukki Finnish
The Finnish word for a male goat.
Pulkkinen Finnish
Derived from Germanic volk meaning "people".
Puntila Finnish
Borne by the title character in Bertolt Brecht's play 'Mr. Puntila and his Man Matti' (1948), set in Finland in the 1920s.
Puro Finnish (Rare)
From the Finnish word puro, meaning "a brook".
Raatikainen Finnish
A family name first registered in the form Radikain in the 16th or 17th century. Derives from the German man's name Konrad which in Finland was shortened to Radi.
Räisänen Finnish
From an unexplained personal name (possibly of Russian Orthodox origin) + the common surname suffix -nen. It occurs chiefly in central and eastern Finland.
Rajaniemi Finnish
Rajaniemi: The last name of a group of people who live in Finland. Some live in the United States when their ancestors immigrated to the US in the early 1900's.
Rantavuori Finnish (Rare)
Means Mountain By The Beach/Bay
Rasila Finnish
A variant of the finnish word (rasi) for a forest that has been cleared for slash and burn but has not yet been burnt for agricultural means. The suffix "-la" is usually added to the stem of the word to indicate a location... [more]
Rauhanen Finnish
Finnish rauha "peace" combined with the common surname suffix -nen. ... [more]
Rautiainen Finnish
Derived from Finnish rautio "smith".
Riihimäki Finnish
Derived from Riihimäki, a town and municipality in southern Finland, meaning "drying barn hill" in Finnish.
Ruutikainen Finnish
A rare Finnish surname combining the word for gunpowder, "ruuti", and the common surname ending -nen. The 2017 Finnish population register indicates there are 106 Ruutikainens alive in Finland, and some sites estimate there are another ten abroad... [more]
Salmi Finnish
Means "a strait" in Finnish.
Santala Finnish
From Finnish santa meaning "(slightly wet) sand" and the place suffix -la.
Saukko Finnish
Means "otter" in Finnish.
Savela Finnish
Derived from Finnish savi "clay". Savela is also a place in Helsinki and Jyväskylä.
Savinainen Finnish
Literally translates as Woman Made Out Of Clay. Real meaning and origin remain unknown
Savolainen Finnish
Means "Savonian, person from Savonia". Savonia is a historical province in eastern Finland.
Seppälä Finnish
A Finnish surname and toponym derived from the occupation of blacksmith ("seppä")
Sievänen Finnish
From Finnish sievä meaning “pretty, cute” and the suffix -nen.
Simi Finnish
From the given name Simi 3.
Similä Finnish
From the given name Simi 3 and the suffix -lä signifying a place.
Sirén Finnish, Swedish
meaning "siren" or "lilac"
Söderholm Swedish, Finnish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and holm "islet, small island".
Sointu Finnish, Karelian
"chord (music)"
Sormunen Finnish
from the word sormi "finger" or sormus "ring"
Sorsa Finnish
Means "duck" in Finnish
Ståhlberg Swedish, Finnish
Variant of Stålberg. A notable bearer was Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg (1865-1952), the first President of Finland.
Suokas Finnish
Comes from the finnish word "suo" which means swamp, and directly translated "suokas" means "swampy". This surname originally came from Karelian Isthmus, Sakkola, that in nowadays belongs to Russia... [more]
Suomalainen Finnish
Means "Finn, person from Finland" in Finnish. A combination of Soumi "Finland" and the suffix -lainen that combined with a place name, forms the noun for the inhabitant of a place.
Suomi Finnish
Ethnic name from Finnish Suomi meaning "Finland". At one time this term denoted only southwestern Finland, but nowadays it is the national name for the whole of Finland. As a surname it is mostly an adopted name during the names conversion movement at the beginning of the 20th century.
Suominen Finnish
Suomi is the real, Finnish language name for Finland. The -nen ending can be translated as "little" or "of something" (Suominen="of Finland") but is in Finland mostly seen just as a typical ending for surnames, without any actual meaning.
Susiluoto Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Finnish susi "wolf" and luoto "islet".
Taiminen Finnish
Derived from Finnish taimi meaning "sapling, young tree, plant".
Tamminen Finnish
From "tammi" meaning "oak tree". A place with lot of oaks.
Tanneraho Finnish
My grandmother was from Finland was as is many generations according to her. Descendants are still located in Musta Jarva, near Ruovesi.
Tanskanen Finnish
Means "Danish" in Finnish.
Tapio Finnish
From the given name Tapio.
Tiensuu Finnish
Means "The road's mouth". Tien means "the road" and Suu means "mouth" in Finnish.
Tikka Finnish
means "woodpecker" in Finnish
Tikkanen Finnish
Meaning "small woodpecker".
Timonen Finnish
From the given name Timo 1.
Topelius Finnish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Latinized form of the Finnish place name Toppila in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Zachris Topelius (1818-1898) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author, journalist, and historian.
Torni Finnish
Means "tower" in Finnish.
Tulenheimo Finnish
Meaning "fire's tribe" in Finnish. A famous bearer was Finnish prime minister Antti Tulenheimo (1879-1952), who was born Antti Thulé.
Turku Finnish
Derived from "Turku" a city in Finland.
Tuulinen Finnish
Derived from Finnish tuuli meaning "wind".
Uusi Finnish
Uusi is a Finnish surname meaning "new".
Vaara Finnish, Sami
Means "forested hill" in Finnish, derived from Northern Sami várri "mountain".
Väisänen Finnish
Topographic name from väisä meaning either meaning "road" or "sign placed on the ice" + the common surname suffix -nen.
Valikangas Finnish
A Finnish Surname
Valkeapää Finnish
From the Finnish valkea meaning "white", and pää meaning "head" or "tip".
Valkonen Finnish
From Finnish valkoinen meaning "white" and the suffix -nen.
Valo Finnish
means "light" in finnish
Virolainen Finnish
From the Finnish word, meaning "an Estonian".
Waara Finnish
Ornamental, from (vaara) meaning, “range of hills.”
Wara Finnish (Rare, Expatriate)
Variant of Vaara, mostly used outside of Finland.
Westergård Swedish, Finnish
From Swedish väster meaning "west, western" combined with gård meaning "farm, yard, estate".
Wickstrand Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Wikstrand, a surname composed of Swedish vik "bay" and strand "beach".
Wickström Swedish, Finland Swedish, Finnish
Variant of Wikström. A notable bearer was Finnish engineer John Wickström (1870–1959)
Wilén Swedish, Finland Swedish, Finnish
Variant of Vilén or Willén (meanings uncertain, they might be variants of the same name).
Wirta Finnish
From virta ‘stream’, used as a topographic name, also as a soldier’s name in the 17th century. Also adopted as an ornamental name, especially in western and southern Finland.
Wuori Finnish