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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Eka.
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Adamantidis Greek
Descentant, son of Adamantios.
Agelastos Greek
Means in Greek, 'The one that never laughs.'
Akropolitis Greek
Someone from Akropolis, not referring to the Acropolis of Athens specifically, but in general, any fortified area of ancient and medieval Greek cities.
Alifieris Greek
From Italian alfiere "standard-bearer, ensign" cognate to the Italian surname Alfieri.
Andrias Greek
a version of the name Andreas
Argentis Greek
Means "silver" in Italian, originally used as an occupational name for a silversmith or a nickname for a person with gray hair. Greek version of the Italian surname Argenti.
Argyropoulos Greek
Descendant, son of the 'silver one'.
Armenopoulos Greek
Descendant, son of the Armenian.
Arvanitis Greek
Signifying ethnic origin, an Arvanit.
Aslamas Greek
This surname is usually found among Pontic Greeks. The surname comes from the Georgian first name Aslamaz which is likely related to the Georgian adjective ლამაზი (lamazi) meaning "beautiful, handsome".
Aslanis Greek
From the Turkish name/word for lion, Aslan.
Athenogenis Greek
Means of Athenian origin. 'Αθήνα' (Athens) and 'γένος'(origin, birth, clan)
Baltatzis Greek
Perhaps from the Italian surname Baldacci.
Bogdanos Greek
From the Romanian/Slavic name Bogdan
Botzis Greek
Greek version of the Italian surname Bocci.
Boukouras Greek
Name of Dacian/Illyrian or Thracian origin. It means "happy". Also, see the Romanian surname Bukur
Charalampopoulos Greek
Descentand or son of Charalampos
Chionidis Greek
From the Greek word for snow, 'χιόνι'. Descendant, son of the 'snowy one.'
Chrysovergis Greek
The one of the "golden rod".From the Greek words for gold: chrysos (χρυσός), and rod: verga (βέργα).
Damianakos Greek
Son of, or little Damianos.
Drakopoulos Greek
Descendant or son of the dragon.
Drepanis Greek
From the Greek word for scythe: drepani (δρεπάνι).
Eftaxias Greek
Derives from the name Eutaxia, means well ordered.
Floros Greek
From the Latin word for flower, 'florus', also could be associated with the name Florus
Fountas Greek
Someone with a lot of hair from the Latin word funda.
Gerogiannis Greek
Α composite surname from the words γέρος (geros), meaning old and the name Giannis.
Kallergis Greek
The surname is composed of the Greek words kalon (=beautiful) and ergon(from ergo "work, task, deed, accomplishment, or purpose")
Kalogeras Greek
From the Greek word καλόγερος (kalogeros), meaning monk.
Kangelaris Greek
Etymologically it goes back to the Latin cancellarius, which means chief secretary or chancellor.
Kantakouzenos Greek
One of the noble Byzantine families, the surname is connected to the locality of Kouzenas, a name for the southern part of Mount Sipylus near Smyrna (Izmir).
Kapodistrias Greek
This surname is a greek version of Capo d'Istria
Kastamonites Greek
Someone from Kastamoni (Kastamonu).
Katerinopoulos Greek
Descendant or son of Katerina.
Kolettis Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Coletti. A significant person with that name was Ioannis Kolettis, prime minister of Greece.
Komnenos Greek
From the village Komne in Thrace. The surname of one of the imperial families of Byzantium.
Konofagos Greek
Shortened form of the word, εικονοφάγος means 'icon eater'. Remnant of the iconoclastic years during the Byzantine empire.
Kontostephanos Greek
The surname means short (κοντός) Stefanos.
Kontrafouris Greek
A surname of Italian origin, from the Italian words 'contra' meaning against, and 'furo' meaning thief. Common in Greece and among the Greek diaspora.
Kornaros Greek
The Greek version of the surname Cornaro.
Lazos Greek
Either from the short version of the name Lazaros or meaning the Laz, an ethnic group in Pontus related to the Georgians.
Malatestas Greek
Means "bad head" in Italian, from the Italian surname Malatesta, also found in Greece.
Manos Greek
From the name Manos.
Markoras Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Marcoran.
Mavris Greek
From the Greek word mavros (black).
Mavrokordatos Greek
Name of a prominent Greek family from Chios, meaning black (mavros), and probably a version of Kodratos from the Latin name Quadratus.
Mavromichalis Greek
Means black Michael. In Mani, it is said to derive from an orphan named Michalis 'Michael'.Because of the dark clothing worn during times of mourning, orphans were often called mavros 'black'.
Megas Greek
It means great in Greek.
Melissenos Greek
Surname associated with the greek word melissa (μέλισσα), which means bee, perhaps a beekeeper.
Mentis Greek
From the ancient greek name Mentios.
Mourouzis Greek
Belonged to an important Greek family of Pontic origin.
Notaras Greek
From the Latin word 'notarius'.
Palaiologos Greek
From the Greek words palaios logos, lit. "old word", most likely signifying an "antique collector".The surname of the last ruling Byzantine family.
Palimeris Greek
Derived from the Italian palmiere meaning "pilgrim".
Panaritis Greek
Occupational name for a baker, from Latin panarium ‘bread basket’.
Parthenis Greek
Derives from the Greek word for 'virgin.'
Parthenopoulos Greek
Descendant or son of the virgin, or someone with the name Parthenis
Pelekanos Greek
Means woodpecker" from Greek pelekanos "green woodpecker" (cognate with pelekan "pelican"; both come from pelekys "axe" the pelican because its beak is shaped like an axe the woodpecker because it uses its beak like an axe).
Ploumas Greek
From the Latin word for ornament, 'pluma'.
Ploumides Greek
Descendant or son of the ornamented, from the Latin word 'pluma', for ornament.
Pogonatos Greek
Means bearded in medieval Greek.
Polydouris Greek
From the Greek name Polydoros.
Prevedoros Greek
From the Italian rank of provveditore "he who sees to things" (overseer) was the style of various local district governors in the extensive, mainly maritime empire of the Republic of Venice.
Psychogios Greek
From the Greek words for soul (ψυχή) and son (γιός), usually means godson.
Pyromallis Greek
The redhaired, from the words, πύρ fire/reddish and μαλλί for hair.
Rallis Greek
A surname held by the descendants of a Frankish-Byzantine noble named Raoul.
Rigas Greek
From the Latin word for king, 'rex'.
Ritsos Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Rizzo.
Romas Greek
Meaning the Roman, held by a family originating from the Greek community of Sicily.
Sarakinos Greek
Means pirate or Arab, from the medieval word and name Saracen
Serettis Greek
From the Italian surname Seretti.
Sevastos Greek
From the same Greek word that means respected, also an aristocratic title during the Byzantine Empire.
Sgouros Greek
The surname means "curly-haired" in medieval Greek. According to Adamantios Korais the etymology is from the Greek word gyros (round).
Sikelianos Greek
Means the Sicilian in Greek.
Sivitanidis Greek
From the Latin word (civitanus)
Skarlatos Greek
Occupational name for a dyer, or as a nickname for someone who habitually wore scarlet or who had bright red hair, cognate to the Italian surname Scarlato.
Skleros Greek
Means strong/ harsh in Greek, and also the name of an old Byzantine family.
Solomos Greek
From the name Solomon
Soutzos Greek
The surname belonged to a Phanariot family of Aromanian descent. The name of the family derives from the Turkish word "sütçü".
Spanos Greek
Means "hairless, beardless" in Greek, ultimately from σπάνιος (spanios) meaning "scarce, rare".
Synadenos Greek
From the city of Synnada in ancient Anatolia.
Tarchaneiotes Greek
(1) Either from the village of Tarchaneion in Thrace, (2) from Mongol word targan, for "smith",(3) from the Khazar noble title tarkhan, ultimately of Sogdian/Saka origin.
Terzis Greek
From the Italian surname Terzi ultimately from the Italian given name Terzo, meaning the third given usually name to the third child.
Tombros Greek
From the Slavic word (dobr), good, honest.
Toros Greek
From Latin taurus "bull", Greek version of the Italian surname Toro.
Tsakos Greek
a shortened version of the name Anastasios.
Tserkezos Greek
Means the Circassian.
Tsiantos Greek
A shortened version of Alexandros. (Aromanian?)
Tsikalas Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Cikala.
Vatatzis Greek
This surname is a diminutive form of the word βάτος, "bramble, briar", perhaps signifying a harsh character. Another possible origin is βατάκι, "ray fish".
Vatistas Greek
From the Latin Batista which means "baptist", originally deriving from Greek βάπτω (bapto) meaning "to dip".
Vergitsis Greek
From the Greek word for rod (verga).
Vourtzis Greek
From the Arabic word burdj, "tower".
Yfantis Greek
Means tailor in Greek.
Zachos Greek
A shortened version of Zacharias.
Zavos Greek
Used for someone who has a weird character or is considered stupid, found as a surname in Greek, probably derives from the word ζαβολιά (zavolia)which means cheating.
Zographos Greek
Means painter in Greek.