Chamorro Submitted Surnames

Chamorro names are used by the Chamorro people of Guam and the Mariana Islands.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Agualo Chamorro
Chamoru for "pertaining to farming"
Aguon Chamorro
From Chamorro agu, meaning "to change, to vary" and the suffix on meaning "to be able". The term's modern usage refers to the starch portion of a Chamorro meal. In the olden days, the Chamorro meal consisted of fish and vegetables, but the starch portion of the meal would highly depend on what was in season.
Angoco Chamorro
“to Trust in” “to rely on” “to have confidence in” “to have faith in” “to place reliance in” “to confide in”
Babauta Chamorro
Chamorro name for "our banner or flag"
Finoña Chamorro
Chamorro for "their language/speech/talk"
Gofigan Chamorro
Chamorro for "very hot climate". Gof- is an amplifier which means very. Figan is a word for "hot", implying the climate
Guma'taotao Chamorro
Chamorro for "house of the people"
Hocog Chamorro (Modern)
Chamorro for "No more, empty, completed".
Laguaña Chamorro
Chamorro for "their net"
Maguadok Chamorro
Chamorro action word for "to dig a hole (in the ground)".
Manahane Chamorro
Chamorro for "all morning/day"
Mangloña Chamorro
Chamorro for "their breath"
Manlanget Chamorro
Chamorro for "all the heavens". Man- is a pluralization and Langet means "sky/heaven".
Mantanoña Chamorro
Chamorro for "all of their land"
Måsga Chamorro (Modern)
Chamorro for "Had enough off or satiated".
Minagofña Chamorro
Chamorro for "all their happiness"
Naputi Chamorro
Chamorro name for "giving" (na') "pain" (puti).
Ogo Chamorro
Variant of Hocog
Pangelinan Chamorro
Chamorro variant of Pangilinan.
Quichocho Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take out from hiding"
Quinata Chamorro
Quinata - meaning "na'ta" food belonging to us, or wanting food. Mostly found in Umatac, Guam.
Quinene Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take away"
Quitugua Chamorro
Chamoru meaning "Knock down/tear down/cut down"
Taijjeron Chamorro
Chamoru for "wituout judge/leader/cheif"
Taimanglo Chamorro
Chamorro for "without wind/breath"
Taina'an Chamorro (Modern, Rare)
Chamorro for "No name or reference".
Taisacan Chamorro
Chamorro for "without year or age"
Taisakan Chamorro (Archaic)
Chamorro for "Without year or age". Alternate form of Taisacan.
Taitague Chamorro
Chamorro for "without meaning/essence/being "
Taitano Chamorro
Meaning "one without land" from Chamorro tai, prefix meaning "to be without", and tano meaning "land".
Taitingfong Chamorro
Means "without counting" from Chamorro tai meaning "without, not having" and tufong meaning "count".
Tedpahogo Chamorro
Chamorro for "Not able to complete or finish"
Tedtaotao Chamorro
Chamorro name for person who has no people