Javanese Submitted Surnames

Javanese names are used on the island of Java, a part of Indonesia. See also about Indonesian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Hendropriyono ꦲꦺꦤ꧀ꦢꦿꦺꦴꦥꦿꦶꦪꦺꦴꦤꦺꦴ Javanese, Indonesian
Combination of Hendro 2 and Priyono... [more]
Sastrowardoyo Javanese
Means "writings of the heart" from Sanskrit शास्त्र (shastra) meaning "scripture, writings" and हृदय (hrdaya) meaning "heart". This is the name of a Javanese family of nobility.
Setiawan Indonesian, Javanese
From the given name Setiawan.
Sutanto Javanese (Modern)
Sutanto comes in part from the Chinese surname Tan. The prefix Su is Javanese. The Su and to were used to make the name Indonesian but not eliminate the Chinese part... [more]
Wibisono ꦥꦶꦱ꧀ꦗꦶꦢꦺꦴꦏ Javanese
The name ꦥꦶꦱ꧀ꦗꦶꦢꦺꦴꦏ (Wibisono) is a Javanese surname that is derived from two words: "wibi," which means "clarity" or "bright," and "sono," which means "essence" or "core." Together, the name represents someone who is bright and clear at their core, someone who is true to themselves and radiates positivity.