Navajo Submitted Surnames

Navajo names are used by the Navajo people of the southwestern United States.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Acothley Navajo
Acothley means "cowboy".
Adakai Navajo
From Navajo adikaʼí meaning "gambler, card player".
Atcitty Navajo
From Navajo atsidí meaning "blacksmith" or "smithy, pounder, anvil".
Begay Navajo
Derived from the Navajo word biyeʼ meaning "his son". This was frequently adopted as a surname among the Navajo when Native Americans were required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to formally adopt surnames for the purpose of official records.
Begaye Navajo
Variant of Begay.
Benally Navajo
From Navajo binálí meaning "his grandchild", derived from análí meaning "(paternal) grandchild". It was commonly adopted when Native Americans were required to take surnames for record purposes.
Bia Navajo
The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs ("BIA") required all Indians to choose a family name. The Navajo family name Bia is derived from BIA ("Bureau of Indian Affairs")
Bitsilly Navajo
Means "his younger brother", from Navajo bi- meaning "his" and atsilí meaning "younger brother".
Bitsuie Navajo
From bitsóí meaning "his grandchild", a commonly adopted surname when the BIA required Native Americans to take surnames for the purpose of official records.
Bylilly Navajo
Derived from Navajo ‎"for him" and álílee "magic power".
Chee Navajo
From Navajo łichííʼ meaning "red".
Clah Navajo
From Navajo nitłʼa meaning "he is left-handed".
Clitso Navajo
From Navajo łitso meaning "yellow".
Cly Navajo
From Navajo tłʼaaí meaning ‎"lefty, left-handed one", from the verb nishtłʼa ‎"to be left-handed".
Deschene Navajo
From deeshchiiʼnii (clan designation, “red-streak people”).
Hatathli Navajo
From Navajo hataałii meaning ‎"medicine man, shaman", literally "singer" (from the verb hataał ‎"he sings, he is chanting").
Nakai Navajo
Nakai means 'The one who wanders.' In Hebrew its meaning is "pure, clean " but i personally like the first one more.
Nez Navajo
Nez = Tall. One of the most prevalent family names on the Navajo reservation.
Neztsosie Navajo
From nééz, “tall” in Navajo and tsʼósí, “slim” in Navajo
Peshlakai Navajo
Derived from the Navajo words béésh "metal" and łigaii "white" meaning “silver”.
Todachine Navajo
Variant of Todicheene meaning "bitter water people."
Todicheene Navajo
"Bitter water people."
Tsosie Navajo
From the Navajo suffix -tsʼósí meaning "slender, slim", originally a short form of a longer name such as kiitsʼósí "slender boy", hashkétsʼósí "slender warrior", cháalatsʼósí "slim Charlie", dághaatsʼósí "the one with a slender mustache", dinétsʼósí "slender man", or hastiintsʼósí "slender man".
Uentillie Navajo
From Navajo ayóí meaning "very" and áníldííl meaning "husky, large".
Yazzie Indigenous American, Navajo
Derived from the Navajo word yázhí meaning "little".