Sanskrit Submitted Surnames

Sanskrit names were used in ancient India by Sanskrit speakers.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aradhya Indian, Sanskrit
Means "one who worships god". Commonly seen in India, Karnataka and other parts of India like kashi. They wear holy thread (yagnopaveetha).
Bhakta Sanskrit
From Sanskrit meaning 'devotee'.
Bhavaraju Sanskrit
It is a patronymic name, meaning it is from the father’s or ancestor’s name. It is derived from the Sanskrit words “bha,” which means “knowledge,” and “raja,” which means “king.” So, it means “king of knowledge” or “one who is knowledgeable.”
Dani Gujarati, Sanskrit
Indian (Gujarat): Hindu Vania name, from the Sanskrit epithet dani ‘liberal in giving’.
Kalahasthi Sanskrit
It is derived from the Sanskrit words “kala,” which mean “time”, and “hasthi,” which means “elephant”. Together, the name means “the elephant of time,” which is a reference to the goddess Kali, who is often depicted riding on the back of an elephant... [more]
Kamath Sanskrit
Derived from the Sanskrit word “kamat,” which means “merchant” or “trader”.
Mann Sanskrit (Anglicized)
Originally Sanskrit, now in Punjabi and Hindi - used by Jats predominantly in Punjab area of NW India. Well represented in Sikhs. Also spelled as {!Maan} when anglicized. Belonged to landholding nobility of warrior caste (knights) that at one time held a strong and established kingdom.... [more]
Sanghera Sanskrit
The Sanghera (संघेडा) clan are descended from Chauhan Rajputs and are found chiefly amongst the Jatt Sikh tribes of Northwestern India.
Sologar Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Fijian
Sanskrit name of unknown origin, common in Fiji. May be related to Solgar.
Sriram श्रीराम Sanskrit
Meaning "The God 'Ram'" in Sanskrit.
Suchwani Sanskrit
Suchwani means "decendent of Suchu", where the given name Suchu means "truthful".
Sur Indian, Bengali (Hindu), Sanskrit
From Sanskrit šūra "brave".
Virk विर्क Filipino, Indian (Sikh), Muslim, Urdu, Sanskrit, Tagalog, Indonesian, Malaysian, Spanish (Philippines)
Villages in the Punjab region of Subcontinent had the surname of “Virk” . Mostly occupied by Muslims and Sikhs of the Jat Clan. The name means “Wolf” or “Gift of God”, it’s meaning is unclear... [more]