Tibetan Submitted Surnames

Tibetan names are used by the Tibetan people who live in the region of Tibet in central Asia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Dingzhen Tibetan
Typical name for Tibetan.
Dorjee Tibetan
From the given name Dorji.
Gyaltsen Tibetan
From the given name Gyaltsen
Gyatso རྒྱ་མཚོ Tibetan
From the given name Gyatso.
Lama Tibetan, Nepali
A Buddhist name found among people of Tibet and Nepal, from the Tibetan blama, meaning "priest" or "monk".
Namgyal ཎའ྅ངཡའལ Bhutanese, Tibetan
Pema པད་མ Tibetan, Bhutanese
From the given name Pema.
Sherpa ཤར་པ། Nepali, Indian, Tibetan, Bengali
From the name of the Sherpa people, a Tibetic ethnic group inhabiting Nepal, China, Bhutan, and the Himalayas. The name itself is derived from Sherpa ཤར (shar) meaning "east" and wa "people" (thus, "people of the east" or "eastern people"), a reference to their origin in northeastern Nepal... [more]
Tamang རྟ་དམག་ Tibetan
Tamang may be derived from the word Tamang, where Ta means "horse" and Mang means warrior in Tibetan. However there are no written documentations of Horse Rider naming nor present Tamang people have horse riding culture.
Tsering ཚེ་རིང Tibetan
From the given name Tsering.
Wangchuk དབང་ཕྱུག Tibetan
From the given name Wangchuk
Wangmo Tibetan
From the given name Wangmo.