Tuvan Submitted Surnames

Tuvan names are used in Tuva, a federal subject of Russia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anay-ool Анай-оол Tuvan
Derived from Tuvan анай (anay) meaning "goat, kid" combined with оол (ool) meaning "son, boy".
Arakchaa Аракчаа Tuvan
Baz-ool Баз-оол Tuvan (Rare)
Means "another boy" from Tuvan база (baza) meaning "also, too, another" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Borbak-ool Борбак-оол Tuvan
Derived from Tuvan борбак (borbak) meaning "round, rounded, spherical" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Kara-Sal Кара-Сал Tuvan
Means "black beard", derived from Tuvan кара (kara) meaning "black" combined with сал (sal) meaning "beard, moustache".
Khertek Хертек Tuvan
Meaning uncertain.
Khirlig-ool Хирлиг-оол Tuvan (Rare)
Means "dirty boy" in Tuvan, from Tuvan хирлиг (khirlig) "dirty" and оол (ool) "son, boy".
Khuren-ool Хүрең-оол Tuvan (Rare)
Means "brown boy" in Tuvan, from Tuvan хүрең (khüreñ) meaning "brown" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Kuular Куулар Tuvan
Derived from Tuvan куу (kuu) meaning "swan" or "gray". Names bearing unfavourable meanings were traditionally used by Tuvans to ward off evil spirits.
Mannay-ool Маңнай-оол Tuvan (Rare)
Derived from Tuvan маңнаар (mañnar) meaning "to run" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Mongush Моңгуш Tuvan
Theorised to be derived from Tuvan moon meaning "cohesive, powerful" combined with kush "force". It is also believed to have been Mongolified and Turkified during the reign of Chinggis Khan in the 13th century.
Oorzhak Ооржак Tuvan
Means "not a thief", derived from Tuvan оор (oor) meaning "thief, burglar" combined with чок (chok) meaning "not, no".
Orus-ool Орус-оол Tuvan
Means "Russian boy" in Tuvan, from Tuvan орус (orus) meaning "Russian (person)" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Tulush Түлүш Tuvan
Possibly from a Tuvan tribal measurement used to denote a month or member of a tribe.