SOURCE: Given Name
USAGE: English

Meaning & History

Means "son of HENRY". A bearer of this surname was the poet Robert Henryson (1425-1500).

Related Names

OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Henriksen (Danish), Hendriks, Hendrikx, Hendrix, Heijman, Heijmans, Heimans, Heymans (Dutch), Heikki (Finnish), Heinrich, Heinrichs, Heintze, Heinz, Hintzen (German), Arrighetti, Arrighi, Arrigucci, Righi (Italian), Hinrichs (Low German), Henriksen (Norwegian), Henriques (Portuguese), Henderson, Hendry, Kendrick, Mac Eanraig, McKendrick (Scottish), Henriksson (Swedish), Parry, Perry (Welsh)
Entry updated June 1, 2011