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TypeSurname (from given name)

Meaning & History

Means "son of JACK". A famous bearer of this name was American president Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Another famous bearer was the singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesHovanesian, Hovhannisyan Armenian Ivanov Bulgarian Ivanović Croatian Janiček Czech Johannessen, Johansen, Johnsen Danish Jans, Jansen, Jansens, Jansing, Jansingh, Jansink, Janson, Janssen, Janssens, Janzen, Yancy Dutch Jans, Janson, Janz German Giannopoulos, Ioannidis Greek Jóhannsson Icelandic Mallon, Malone, Mollown, Ó Maoil Eoin Irish Jansons Latvian Jonaitis Lithuanian Ivanov, Ivanovski Macedonian Jansen, Johannessen, Johansen, Johnsen Norwegian Ionescu Romanian Ivanov Russian Jack Scottish Ivanović, Jovanović Serbian Janson, Jansson, Johansson, Johnsson Swedish Ivanov Ukrainian Bevan, Evans, Jones Welsh


American presidential surnames, American presidents, dancers, Doctor Who companions, pop music, pop singers, singers, Tiger and Bunny characters
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