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Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. TAHM-əs(American English)
TAWM-əs(British English)
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Meaning & History

Derived from the given name THOMAS.

Related Names

VariantsThompsett, Thompson, Thomson(English) Masson(French)
Other Languages & CulturesTomov(Bulgarian) Tomàs(Catalan) Tomić, Tomčić(Croatian) Mašek(Czech) Thomassen(Danish) Maas, Maessen, Mas(Dutch) Maes(Flemish) Dohman(German) Tamás(Hungarian) Tómasson(Icelandic) Masi, Masin(Italian) Maas, Mas(Low German) Thomassen(Norwegian) Tomić, Tomčić(Serbian) Tomasson(Swedish)


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