Turkish Surnames

Turkish names are used in the country of Turkey, which is situated in western Asia and southeastern Europe. Turkey is part of the larger Muslim world. See also about Turkish names.
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AKSOY     Turkish
From Turkish ak "white" and soy "lineage, ancestry".
ARAP     Turkish
Means "Arab" in Turkish.
ASLAN     Turkish
From the given name ASLAN.
AVCI     Turkish
Means "hunter" in Turkish.
BADEM     Turkish
Derived from a Turkish word meaning "almond".
BALIK     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "fish".
BARDAKÇI     Turkish
Means "glassmaker" from bardak, the Turkish word for "glass".
BARIŞ     Turkish
From the given name BARIŞ.
BINICI     Turkish
From the word binici meaning "rider".
BURAKGAZI     Turkish
Means "warrior for the faith" in Turkish... [more]
DEĞIRMENCI     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "miller".
DEMIR     Turkish
Means "iron" in Turkish.
DEMIRCI     Turkish
Means "blacksmith" in Turkish.
EKMEKÇI     Turkish
Means "baker" in Turkish.
KARGA     Turkish
Nickname from a Turkish word indicating a "crow".
KARTAL     Turkish
From a nickname meaning "eagle".
KATIRCI     Turkish
Derived from Turkish katır meaning "mule", a name for a person who made transports by mule.
KOÇ     Turkish
Means "ram" in Turkish.
KÜÇÜK     Turkish
Means "small" in Turkish.
KUNDAKÇI     Turkish
Means "kundak maker", kundak being the wooden part of a rifle.
MACAR     Turkish
Means "Hungarian" in Turkish.
MARANGOZ     Turkish
Occupational name meaning "joiner" in Turkish.
MATARACI     Turkish
From the name of a profession: a person who made water bottles or flasks.
PEYNİRCİ     Turkish
From Turkish peynir meaning "cheese".
SADIK     Turkish
From the Turkish word sadik meaning "loyal".
SOLAK     Turkish
From the nickname solak meaning "left-handed".
TEKE (1)     Turkish
Originally denoted someone from Teke, Turkey.
TEKE (2)     Turkish
Means "goat (herder)" from Turkish teke.
TERZI (2)     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "tailor".
TILKI     Turkish
From a nickname meaning "fox".
TIRYAKI     Turkish
From a nickname meaning "addict" or "stubborn".
UZUN     Turkish
Means "long" or "tall" in Turkish.
YILMAZ     Turkish
Means "dauntless" in Turkish.