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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is November; and the birth day is 14
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Robert Fulton1765-1815Notable Scientists and Inventors
Fanny Mendelssohn1805-1847Notable Musicians
Schelto van Heemstra1807-1864Dutch Prime Ministers
Charles de Freycinet1828-1923French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Gustav Wilhelm Wolff1834-1913Notable Businesspeople
Claude Monet1840-1926Notable Artists
Johann Schober1874-1932Austrian Chancellors and Presidents
René Tartara1881-1922Olympic Medalists
Ado Birk1883-1942Other Leaders
Paal Kaasen1883-1963Olympic Medalists
Jawaharlal Nehru1889-1964Other Leaders
Frederick Banting1891-1941Nobel Prize Winners
Ted Meredith1891-1957Olympic Medalists
Mamie Eisenhower1896-1979American First Ladies
Aaron Copland1900-1990Notable Musicians
Pua Kealoha1902-1989Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Claude Ménard1906-1980Olympic Medalists
Astrid Lindgren1907-2002Notable Writers
Gebhard Poltera1923-2008Olympic Medalists
Joaquín Dualde1932-2012Olympic Medalists
Hussein1935-1999Other Royalty
Carola Dunn1946-Notable Writers
Charles, Prince of Wales1948-Other Royalty
Dominique de Villepin1953-French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Wolfgang Hoppe1957-Olympic Medalists
David Steen1959-Olympic Medalists
Stefano Gabbana1962-Notable Artists
Laura San Giacomo1962-Notable Actors and Actresses
Joseph "Run" Simmons1964-Notable Musicians
Silken Laumann1964-Olympic Medalists
Letitia Dean1967-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mark Henderson1969-Olympic Medalists
Josh Duhamel1972-Notable Actors and Actresses
Lori Dupuis1972-Olympic Medalists
Gerritjan Eggenkamp1975-Olympic Medalists
Brian Dietzen1977-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mpule Kwelagobe1979-Notable Actors and Actresses
Osleidys Menéndez1979-Olympic Medalists
Egor Mekhontsev1984-Olympic Medalists
Manoj Tiwary1985-Notable Athletes
Thomas Vermaelen1985-Notable Athletes
Ivo Iličević1986-Notable Athletes
Joe Webb1986-Notable Athletes
Jin Bora1987-Notable Musicians
Dimitri Leonidas1987-Notable Actors and Actresses
Sofia Assefa1987-Olympic Medalists
Hou Yuzhuo1987-Olympic Medalists
Vlad Chiricheș1989-Notable Athletes
Mathis Bolly1990-Notable Athletes
Roman Bürki1990-Notable Athletes
Yasmany Tomás1990-Notable Athletes
Tadhg Furlong1992-Notable Athletes
Samuel Umtiti1993-Notable Athletes
Borna Ćorić1996-Notable Athletes