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Type Surname
Scripts אזולאי(Hebrew)
Pronounced Pron. /a.zu.lɛ/(French)  [key·simplify]
Other Forms FormsAzoulai, Azulay, Azulai, Azoulaï

Meaning & History

Meaning uncertain. It may be derived from French azur or Spanish azul both meaning "blue" (of Persian origin), from Tamazight izîl meaning "good, pure, sublime", or from an acronym of the Biblical passage אִשָּׁ֨ה זֹנָ֤ה וַחֲלָלָה֙ לֹ֣א יִקָּ֔חוּ (’iš-šāh zō-nāh wa-ḥă-lā-lāh lō yiq-qā-ḥū) meaning "They shall not take a wife that is a whore, or profane".
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