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Type Surname (from given name & from location)
Pronounced Pron. BEER-ee(English)
Other Forms FormsÓ Béara, Ó Beargha, Ó Báire, O'Berry, Beary, Berry, Bieri, Biery, Béry, Barry, Barrie, Beer, Beers, Van Beers, Biery, Bear, Bier, Bierl, Bierly, Beere, Bears, De Beer, Baer, Bahr, Bery, Baers, Bahrs, Baars, Baar, Baarsma, Beary, Beare, Beerr, Beerre, Beerli, Beeren, Beren, Beering

Meaning & History

Possibly a reduced variant of Irish O'Berry, or Americanized form of Swiss German Bieri, Hungarian Béry and Dutch Baars. Famous bearers include brothers Noah (1882-1946) and Wallace Beery (1885-1949), and Noah's son Noah Beery Jr. (1913-1994), American actors.
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