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Type Surname (from location)
Pronounced Pron. bran-den-burg(East Prussian German)  [key]
Other Forms Formsvon Brandenburg, Brandenburger

Meaning & History

From a state in eastern Germany, formerly known as Prussia, containing the capital city of Berlin. Ancient. Associated with the Margravate (Dukedom) of Brandenburg, the seat of power in the Holy Roman Empire. Earliest found use as a surname (royal) to 9th century CE. Meanings given range from "Impenetrable fortress" to "fiery mountain". Sometimes "raven of the mountain/raven fortress"
Coat of Arms: two eagles, two towers at opposing corners in royal purple & gold. Topped with iconic double-headed eagle.
Motto: Jest not in earnest. (English translation of Latin)
Associated with Frederick the Great & the House of von Hohenzollern.

Not to be confused with Brandenberg.
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