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Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage German
Pronounced Pron. DING-klij(English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsDincklage, Von Dinklage, Von Dincklage, Dinkel, Dinkels, Dinkle, Dinckels, Dinckel, Dinckle, Dinkler, Dinckelmann, Dinckelman, Dinkelman, Dinkelmann, Tinkel, Tinckel, Tinkle, Tinkler, Tinker

Meaning & History

Occupational name for a grain farmer or grain merchant, derived from an agent derivative of Middle High German dinkel meaning "spelt" (a variety of wheat). It could also be derived from Dinkelsbühl, a historic town in the state of Bavaria (formerly in central Franconia), or Dinklage, a town in the Vechta district, in Lower Saxony, Germany. A famous bearer of this name is American actor Peter Dinklage (1969-).
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