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Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. Etzo  [key]
Other Forms FormsEtzo, Izzo, Azzo, Ezzelino, Esso, Ezo

Meaning & History

Derived from a Germanic name Azzo, based on the element z , which originates debated; between the various hypotheses are:
ipocoristico of other names for the starting or for at-to-
derived from the element athal ("nobility", "seed")
derived from the element atta ("father")
derived from the root Ansuz ("god")
The name had a certain spread in Italy in the Middle Ages, when it was carried by at least a dozen members of the House of Este. One of its variants Germanic, Adso, is quite well known for being used by Umberto Eco for his character of The Name of the Rose, Adso of Melk (whose name was chosen by the similarity with Eco Watson. the same element name also dates back to the Ezzelino, which is reported by some sources as a variant of Azzo.

reference: EZZO, Wikipedia Italy
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