Medieval Italian Submitted Surnames

These names were used by medieval Italian peoples.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ACAMPORAItalian, Medieval Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Acampora is a variant of Acanfora, from the medieval personal name Canfora, from canfora ‘camphor’ (from Arabic kāfūr).
ALEGHIERIMedieval Italian (Tuscan, Rare, Archaic)
It has a hard to trace meaning, but the research shows that the meaning might be "clurgyman's family" or "son of professers." People know this last name for the poet Dante Aligheri who wrote the Dievine Comedy.
COITOMedieval Italian (Tuscan, Latinized, ?)
That means a wedding or the nuptials.
DE ACUTISMedieval Italian
acute, sharp, keen
EZZOMedieval Italian
EZZO: " Derived from a Germanic name Azzo, based on the element z , which originates debated; between the various hypotheses are: ... [more]
FRATINIMedieval Italian (Tuscan, Modern)
My understanding is that the Fratini surname originated in the Arno River Valley somewhere between Arezzo and Florence.
LUGANOMedieval Italian
It meaning sacred forest.
SANCTOMedieval Italian (Latinized, Modern)
It comes from the Latin and it means hallowed or holiness.
SANCTUSMedieval Italian
Sanctus is a very old graphic form in Italy and it means santo (saint).
SANTISMedieval Italian (Latinized, Archaic)
It means holliness, hallowed, saintly, sainted, sanctity. It is a surname that corresponds with Italian Celts families (Italo-Celtic family groups), more precisely in Piemonte or Piedmont (north of Italy).
TRIMBOLIMedieval Italian
Trimboli: Means: "prince of three valleys." Land or (spoils) were given to worthy soldiers for there efforts after conquest. Three valleys in Calabria were given to a soldier who will become known as Francesco Guytano Trimboli, the new perprieitor in an area near Plati, Italy, Calabria.