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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Celtic
Pronounced Pron. Fang Hogh  [key]

Meaning & History

Such As Dales, Danes Of Ireland, From A House And Line Of What Would Be Called, Mythical.
As Per Perhaps Of Such Things And Of Such Things That Are.

Families Genus's Lines.

Scotish, 1529, Edgre,
Danes Dales, 1223, Richard,
Ireland, 1222 Richards Cousin Cos-land (Co-Signed) King James.

Danes Dales Ireland, 556, Lord Mire Luther, Empire Of Dales And Danes And Emperor Of Europe,

Danes Dales Ireland, 552, Meriaza Meraga Rizaliel, Daz Sviette, Merlin,

Such As Is,
Within Proper Contexts,

Presh Presis, Preferari Prompsio Premeisi, Paspresigi, Preso Psezu, Pseudo,
Premathi Premeti Prometheus, Mesa Mosa Misa, Meza.
Illia Mota,
Primal Lilliat.
The Eleventh House Of Truth, And Justice, And Of The Twevth Of The High Stars, And Of The Thritheenth Of The True Guardians.

Signed In Apropop The Grand Master.
Self As Is.

Guarded, as Is, gansesh.

Order Of Salvation.

And True God.

Aurora Auriel.
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