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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Hebrew
Pronounced Pron. Jey-le  [key]
Other Forms FormsYehle; Jehle-Romanov; Jehle; Ehle; Hehle

Meaning & History

Jehle-Romanov surname was given name of monarchical leaders over the areas of eastern Eurasia known as Russia and all Russia's yet upon revolution family erroneously reported all dead. Most family of Alexander died while remaining in Russia, while those whom escaped circa 1880 survived. My grandmother Viola Ellen Jehle-Romanov Collins, her name altered to Yehle. Upon marriage Yehle dropped became Viola Collins, her father was Philip E Jehle-Romanov Jr, his father Sr Philip E Jehle-Romanov, his father Philipp Jehle-Romanov, his father Philippe Jehle-Romanov, his mother was Christine Jehle-Romanov and because his father was Andrew Kümmel his line became exiled which saved our family line.
Added 12/20/2015 by Michael David Collins-Frias de Jehle-Romanov
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