Hebrew Submitted Surnames

These names are used by Hebrew speakers. See also about Jewish names.
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Abravanel אַבַּרבְּנְאֵל Hebrew, Jewish
From Ab, meaning ‘father’, Rabban, meaning ‘priest’, and El, meaning ‘of God’.
Adi עֲדִי Hebrew (Rare)
Means "jewel; ornament" in Hebrew, this is more common as a given name than a surname.
Adut אַדוּת Hebrew
Agam אגם Hebrew (Modern)
Rare variant of the surname Agami, which came from the Hebrew name Agam, means "lake".
Agami אגמי Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Agam, means "lake" in Hebrew.
Aharon אהרון Hebrew
Variant of Aharoni, from the given name Aaron.
Almog אַלְמוֹג Hebrew
From the given name Almog, means "coral" in Hebrew.
Antury Greek, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel.... [more]
Argaman אַרגָמָן Hebrew
Means "crimson" in Hebrew.
Ariel אריאל Hebrew
From the given name Ariel.
Arousi ערוסי Jewish, Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Arabic
Yemenite Jewish and Arabic name possibly deriving from Arabic words aroosi, "bridal, relating to a wedding", rousi, "groom". El Aroussi, a variant, is found densely in Morocco and Francophone populations (France, Canada).
Asaf אסף Hebrew
From the given name Asaf.
Avidan אֲבִידָן Hebrew
From the given name Avidan
Avivi אֲבִיבִי Hebrew
Means "springlike" or "of the spring" in Hebrew. (see Aviv)
Avner אבנר Hebrew
From the given name Avner.
Avni אבני Hebrew (Modern)
Means "my stone" in Hebrew, a variant of the surname Even or a diminutive of Avner.
Avrahami Hebrew (Americanized)
Americanized version of Abrahami.
Azar עזר Hebrew
Means "(he) helped" in Hebrew, a verb form of Ezer or Ezra.
Bar בר Hebrew
From Aramaic בְּרָא (b'rā) meaning "son, child" or Hebrew בָּר (bar) meaning "grain, cereal".
Barasch Hebrew
Acronym of the first two letters for the Hebrew phrase "son of the Rabbi Samuel." Bar Rabbi Schmul
Bar Gil בר גיל Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of Bar and Gil, with the meaning of "son of Gil" or "one who is joyful".
Bar Haim בר חיים Hebrew
Combination of Bar and Haim, with the meaning of "son of Chayyim".
Barkai בַּרְקַאי‎ Hebrew
Means ''morning star'' in Hebrew.
Bar Lev בר לב Hebrew
Combination of the surnames Bar and Lev.
Barr Hebrew, Jewish
Possibly means “grain”, “son of Reuben”, or “wilderness”.
Bar Shaul בר שאול, בר-שאול Hebrew
Combination of bar and Shaul, with the meaning of "son of Saul".
Bar Yosef בר יוסף Hebrew
Combination of Bar and Yosef, with the meaning of "son of Joseph".
Barzelai Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai.
Barzelay Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai via Barzelai. A known bearer of this surname is American-Israeli musician Eef Barzelay (b... [more]
Barzilay Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai.
Bar Zohar בר זוהר Hebrew
Combination of the surnames Bar and Zohar.
Ben-aharon בן אהרון Hebrew
Means "son of Aaron" in Hebrew.
Ben Ari בן ארי Hebrew
Means "son of Ari 1" in Hebrew.
Ben Dayan בן דיין Hebrew
Means "son of Dayan (a judge)" in Hebrew.
Ben Dor בן דור Hebrew
Means “son of Dor” in Hebrew.
Ben Ezra בן עזרא Hebrew
Means "son of Ezra" in Hebrew.
Ben Harush בן הרוש Hebrew
Son of Harush
Ben Israel בן ישראל Hebrew
Means "son of Israel" in Hebrew.
Ben Kol Hebrew
Meaning "son of Kol".
Ben Menachem בן מנחם Hebrew
Means "son of Menachem" in Hebrew.
Ben Moshe בן משה Hebrew
Means "son of Moshe" in Hebrew.
Ben Natan בן נתן Hebrew
Means "son of Natan" in Hebrew. (see Nathan)
Ben Nun בן נון Hebrew
Joshua or Yehoshua Ben Nun functioned as Moses' assistant in the books of Exodus and Numbers, and later succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelite tribes in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Joshua
Ben Shalom בן שלום Hebrew
Means "son of peace" in Hebrew.
Ben Shushan בן שושן Hebrew
Means "son of the lily" in Hebrew.
Ben Simon בן סימון, בן שמעון Hebrew
Means "son of Simon 1" or "son of Shimon" in Hebrew.
Ben Tzvi בן צבי Hebrew
Means "son of Tzvi" in Hebrew.
Ben Ya'akov בן יעקב Hebrew
Means "son of Yaakov" or "son of Jacob" in Hebrew.
Ben Yair בן יאיר Hebrew
Means “son of Yair” in Hebrew.
Ben Yosef בן יוסף Hebrew
Means "son of Yosef" in Hebrew.
Ben Zaken בן זקן Hebrew
Means "son of the old man" or "son of the elder" in Hebrew.
Ben Ze'ev בן זאב Hebrew
Means "son of Ze'ev" in Hebrew.
Ben Zion בן ציון Hebrew
Means "son of Zion" in Hebrew.
Ben Zvi בן צבי Hebrew
Means "son of Zvi".
Bracha ברכה Hebrew
From the given name Bracha, means "blessing" in Hebrew.
Dayan דיין Hebrew
Means "judge" in Hebrew.
Dor דור Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Dor, means "generation" in Hebrew.
Doron דוֹרוֹן Hebrew
From the given name Doron.
Dvash דבש Hebrew
Dvir דְּבִיר Hebrew
Surname that also used as a first name, probably means "inner room" and related to The Holy of Holies. It is a term in the Hebrew Bible which refers to the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle where God dwelt and later the Temple in Jerusalem where the Ark of the Covenant was kept during the First Temple, which could be entered only by the High Priest on Yom Kippur after sanctifying himself.
Efrati אפרתי Hebrew
From the given name Efrat.
Elazar אֶלְעָזָר Hebrew
From the given name Elazar.
Eliezer אֱלִיעֶזֶר English, Hebrew
From the given name Eliezer
Elimelech אלימלך, אלי-מלך Hebrew
Means "My God is a King" in Hebrew.
Elkayam אלקיים, אל-קיים Hebrew
Means "God is exist" in Hebrew. From the words el, "God" and kayam, "exist".
Elzea Hebrew (Gallicized, Rare), American (South, Gallicized, Rare)
The name means G-d’s help It is a French transition of the Hebrew name Eleazar applied to Jews that came to France by way of Egypt. Later it was carried over to the French Caribbean mainly St. Martinique which was the first major Jewish settlement in the Caribbean, but the name also spread to other Latin American Islands including Mexico... [more]
Eran עֵרָן Hebrew
From the Hebrew name Eran meaning "watchful, vigilant".
Erez אֶרֶז Hebrew (Modern)
Means "cedar" in Hebrew.... [more]
Eshkol אֶשׁכּוֹל Hebrew
Means "cluster, bunch" in Hebrew.
Even אבן Hebrew
Means "stone" in Hebrew.
Even Khen אבן חן Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the surnames Even and Hen, which create the meaning of "precious stone".
Ezer עזר Hebrew
Means "helping" or "to help" in Hebrew.
Faran פארן Hebrew
The name of a desert mentioned in the Bible where Ishmael settled after his wanderings with his mother Hagar. The Israelites also came to this desert on their journey from the Sinai desert.
Farkash פרקש Hebrew
Hebrew transcription of Farkas, famous bearer is Israeli singer and actress Amit Farkash (or Farkas)
Gadot גדות Hebrew
Means "riverbanks" in Hebrew.
Gal גל Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Gal 1, means "wave" in Hebrew.
Galit גלית Hebrew
From the given name Galit.
Gershon English, Hebrew
Hebrew One of the tribes of Israel ... [more]
Gil גִּיל Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Gil 3, means "joy, happiness" in Hebrew.
Gilmor גִּילְמוֹר / גִּיל-מוֹר Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the surnames Gil and Mor, means "happy myrrh" in Hebrew, also a modern Hebrew version of the surname Gilmore.
Gursultur גרסלתר Jewish (Latinized), Kurdish, Hebrew
This name is a composition of the following words: GUR; Hebrew for "lion cub", SUL; which is an abbreviation of Suleman (Kurdish for king Solomon), TUR; this word is derived from the Arba'ah Turim. The Arbaáh Turim are often called simply the Tur, which is an important Halakhic code.... [more]
Hacohen הכהן Hebrew
Means "the priest" in Hebrew, from the word ha which means "the", and the surname Cohen.
Hadad חדד Arabic, Hebrew
Variant transcription of Haddad.
Hadar הדר Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Hadar, means "splendour, glory" in Hebrew.
Halevi הלוי Hebrew
Means "The Levite" in Hebrew, from the word ha which means "the", and the surname Levi.
Harush הרוש Hebrew
Hasson חסון Hebrew (Modern)
Means "sturdy" or "strong" in Hebrew, it is not related to the Arabic name Hasan.
Hayat חייט Hebrew
Means "tailor" in Hebrew.
Hen Hebrew (Modern)
Modern variant of Khen.
Hod הוד Hebrew
From the given name Hod which means "glory, splendor" in Hebrew, more commonly used as a surname.
Inbar ענבר, עינבר Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Inbar, means "amber" in Hebrew.
Ish Shalom איש שלום Hebrew (Modern)
Means "man of peace" in Hebrew. Combination of the word ish, meaning "man" and the name Shalom, meaning "peace".
Izuz עִזוּז Hebrew
Derived from the Hebrew name Oz, means "strength, courageous".
Jaffe יפה‎ Hebrew
From the given name Jaffe.
Jehle Hebrew
Jehle-Romanov surname was given name of monarchical leaders over the areas of eastern Eurasia known as Russia and all Russia's yet upon revolution family erroneously reported all dead. Most family of Alexander died while remaining in Russia, while those whom escaped circa 1880 survived... [more]
Joffe גופה Hebrew
Variant spelling of Jaffe.
Kadosh קָדוֹשׁ Hebrew
Means "holy" in Hebrew.
Kariv קריב Hebrew
Means "battle, fight, war" in Hebrew.
Kedem קדם Hebrew
Either means "east" or "ancient" in Hebrew.
Keidar קידר Hebrew
Keidar is an ancient nickname given to the descendants of Ishmael.
Keren קֶרֶן Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Keren.
Keshet קשת Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Keshet which means "rainbow" in Hebrew, it is used more as a surname than a given name.
Khen חֵן Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Hen or Chen 2 which both means "beauty", "grace", "charm" in Hebrew.
Kochab כוכב Hebrew (Germanized, Archaic), Arabic (Germanized, Archaic)
The previous pole star was Kochab, (Beta Ursae Minoris, β UMi, β Ursae Minoris), the brightest star in the bowl of the "Little Dipper", located 16 degrees from Polaris. It held that role from 1500 BC to AD 500.... [more]
Kohen Jewish, Hebrew, English
Hebrew form of Cohen.
Koren Slovene, Hebrew
Koren is a surname which has multiple origins. Koren may be a variant of the German occupational surname Korn, meaning a dealer in grain. Alternatively, it may be a variant of the Greek female name Kora... [more]
Koschek Hebrew
Derives from the ancient Hebrew given name "Yaakov" meaning "following-after".
Lavi לביא Hebrew
From the given name Lavi, meaning "lion"
Lev לב Hebrew
From the given name Lev 2.
Ma'ayan מעין, מעיין Hebrew (Rare)
Means "spring of water" or "fountain" in Hebrew, this is more common as a given name than a surname
Malachi מַלְאָכִי Hebrew
From the given name Malachi.
Malka מלכה Hebrew
Means "queen" in Hebrew.
Manor מנור Hebrew
Means "loom" or "weaving" in Hebrew.
Maor מָאוֹר Hebrew
From the given name Maor.
Margulis מרגלית Hebrew
Margulis is a surname that is derived from the Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the Hebrew word מרגלית (Israeli Hebrew /maʁɡaˈlit/), meaning 'pearl,'
Matan מַתָן Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
From the given name Matan which means "gift" or "to give" in Hebrew.
Matana מַתָנָה Hebrew
Literally means "gift" in Hebrew.
Meiron מירון Hebrew
From the given name Miron 2.
Mishani משעני‎ Hebrew
Mizrachi מזרחי Hebrew
Variant transcription of Mizrahi.
Mizrahi מזרחי Hebrew
From Hebrew מִזְרָחִי (mizrakhí) meaning "East, eastern".
Mor מור Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Mor, means "myrrh" in Hebrew.
Morag מוֹרַג Hebrew
Means "threshing sledge", "flail" in Hebrew. Morag is a hand-held threshing tool.
Moran מורן Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
From the given name Moran.
Mordechai מָרְדְּכַי Hebrew
From the given name Mordechai.
Morpurgo Hebrew
Morpurgo (Hebrew: מורפורגו‎) is an Italian surname of Jewish origin. Originally Marpurg, from the Austrian city Marburg an der Drau (today Maribor in Slovenia). Key ancestor was Moises Jacob, father of Petachia, in Bad-Rackersburg, Austria... [more]
Moshe משה Hebrew
From the given name Moshe.
Muchtar מוּכתָר Hebrew
Means "crowned" from Hebrew כֶּתֶר keter meaning "crown".
Natan נתן Hebrew
From the given name Natan.
Nazareth Hebrew
From the Hebrew for "To guard."
Nemirov Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian
Name derived from the city of Nemirov in Ukraine, The city was named after its founder, Prince Nemir.
Nesher נשר Hebrew (Modern)
Means "eagle" in Hebrew.
Nessim Spanish, Jewish, Hebrew
Hebrew for 'miracles'. Name was originally Bar-Nisim; 'Children of the Miricle'
Nissan Hebrew, Jewish
Ornamental name from the name of the Jewish month during which Passover takes place.
Ofek אופק Hebrew
Means "horizon" in Hebrew, used both as a given name and a surname.
Ofer עפר, עופר Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Ofer, means "fawn" in Hebrew.
Ofir אוֹפִיר Hebrew (Modern)
Variant of Ophir.
Omer עומר Hebrew
Derived from the given name Omer.
Ophir אוֹפִיר Hebrew
From the given name Ophir. Ophir (or Ofir) is originally a biblical place name. In the days of King Solomon, Ophir was metioned as the name of a land, full of abudant natural treasures such as gold, silver, etc.
Or אוֹר Hebrew
Means "light" in Hebrew and used as both first name and surname in Israel.
Orpaz אורפז Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Orpaz, means "golden light" in Hebrew.
Oved עוֹבֵד Hebrew
From the given name Oved.
Oz עוֹז Hebrew
From the given name Oz 2.
Paz פז Hebrew (Rare)
From the given name Paz 2, means "gold" in Hebrew. ... [more]
Pezarkar פזרקר Marathi, Hebrew, Jewish
A Bene Israel surname.
Pinhas פִּינְחָס Hebrew
From the given name Pinhas.
Priel פריאל, פרי-אל Hebrew
Means "the fruit of god"
Ratzon רָצוֹן Hebrew (Modern)
Means "will, wish, desire" in Hebrew.
Ravid רביד Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Ravid, means "ornament, necklace" in Hebrew.
Raviv רביב Hebrew
From Hebrew רָבִיב (raviv) meaning "droplet, rain, drizzle".
Raz רז Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Raz, means "secret" in Hebrew.
Regev רגב Hebrew
Means "clod of earth" in Hebrew.
Reshef רשף Hebrew
From the given name Resheph.
Saifan סייפן Hebrew
Last name and surname... [more]
Sapir ספיר Hebrew
Means "sapphire" in Hebrew.
Segev שגב Hebrew
Means "exaltation, greatness" in Hebrew.
Sela סֶלַע Hebrew
Means "rock" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the name of a city, the capital of Edom. Famous bearer is the Israeli model, actress and television presenter Rotem Sela (born 1983)
Shabtai שַׁבְּתָאִי Hebrew
Shabtai is the Hebrew name for the planet Saturn.
Shai שַׁי Hebrew (Modern)
From the unisex given name Shai.
Shaked Hebrew
Means Almond in Hebrew
Shakhar Hebrew (Modern)
Means "dawn" in Hebrew.
Shalit שליט Hebrew
From Hebrew שליט (shalit) meaning "ruler" or "ruling, governing, dominant".
Shalom שָׁלוֹם Hebrew
Means "peace" in Hebrew.
Shamailov Russian, Hebrew, Georgian, Jewish
Georgian Variant of Shmuel.
Shani שָׁנִי Hebrew
Means "red, scarlet" in Hebrew. From the given name Shani 1.
Sharon שרון Hebrew
From an Old Testament place name, in Hebrew שָׁרוֹן (Sharon), which means "plain", referring to the fertile plain near the coast of Israel.
Shemtov שמטוב, שם-טוב Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good name", derived from Hebrew שם (shem) means "name" and טוב (tov) means "good".
Shiran שירן Hebrew
Shmailov שמיילוב Hebrew, Georgian, Russian, Jewish
A variant of Shmuel.
Shoham שוהם Hebrew
Means "onyx" in Hebrew.
Simantov סימנטוב, סימן-טוב Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good sign", derived from Hebrew סימן (siman) means "sign" and טוב (tov) means "good".
Tal טל Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Tal, means "dew" in Hebrew.
Tomer תּוֹמֶר Hebrew
From the given name Tomer.
Topaz טופז Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Topaz, which is a kind of a precious stone.
Tshuva תְּשׁוּבָה Hebrew
Means "answer" or "returning" in Hebrew. The term חוזר בתשובה which means "returning to the faith", reffers to a person who becomes more religious person in Judaism.
Tzvi צבי Hebrew
From the given name Tzvi, means "gazelle, roebuck" in Hebrew.
Tzviad צְבִיעָד / צבי-עד Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the name Tzvi and the word עַד (ʿaḏ) "an eternity". The illustration of the gazelle, along with the value of eternity, creates a meaning that represents the beauty and existence of the Land of Israel.
Tzviel צביאל Hebrew (Modern)
Means "gazelle of god" in Hebrew, from the given name Tzvi combined with el which means "God".
Vardi ורדי Hebrew
From the given names Vered or Varda which means "rose" in Hebrew.
Weinstock English, German, Hebrew
This surname of WEINSTOCK is the English variant of the German surname WENSTOCK, an occupational name for a producer or seller of wine, derived originally from the Old German WEIN. The name was also adopted by Ashkenazic Jews, largely recollecting the prominence of wine in the Jewish Scriptures and its used in Jewish ceremonies... [more]
Yam Hebrew
From the given name Yam.
Yaniv יָנִיב Hebrew
From the given name Yaniv.
Yarchi ירחי Hebrew
From Hebrew יָרֵחַ (yareach), meaning "moon".
Yarden ירדן Hebrew (Rare)
From the given name Yarden, which is named after the Jordan 2 River. ... [more]
Yardeni ירדני Hebrew (Modern)
Means "of Jordan 2" in Hebrew.
Yefet יפת Hebrew
From the given name Yefet. (see Japheth)
Yoffe יופה Hebrew, Jewish
Eastern Ashkenazic variant of Jaffe.
Yomtov יומטוב, יום-טוב Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good day", derived from Hebrew יום (yom) means "day" and טוב (tov) means "good".
Yovel יוֹבֵל Hebrew
Means "jubilee" or "anniversary" in Hebrew, usually refers to a 50 years anniversary.
Zaken זקן Hebrew
Means "old man" in Hebrew.
Ze'ev זאב Hebrew
Means "wolf" in Hebrew.
Zeevi זאבי Hebrew
From the Hebrew given name Zev, meaning "wolf."
Zeitlin צייטלין Yiddish, Hebrew
Zemer זמר Hebrew
Zion Hebrew
Means "monument" or "raised up" in Hebrew.
Ziv זיו Hebrew
From the given name Ziv.
Zohar זהר, זוהר Hebrew
Derived from the the given name Zohar meaning "light, brilliance" in Hebrew.
Zuaretz זוארץ, זו-ארץ Hebrew (Modern)
Means "this land" in Hebrew, also Hebrew form of Suárez.