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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. maydz  [key]
Other Forms FormsMaids, Maid, Meades, Meade, Mead

Meaning & History

Maides is an almost extinct surname which has decreased significantly in popularity since the 19th century, though has always been relatively uncommon. The surname is today most popular in Leicestershire but the family bearing the surname from that area seem to have originated from the south of Warwickshire. This perculiar surname has one of two possible meanings:

1. From the Old English nickname “maegden" which would make it a matronymical name meaning "the son of the maid (fair lady)".

2. A rare variant of Meade and Meades, making it a topographical surname possessed by someone who came from/lived near a meadow.
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