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Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. RUN-dəl  [key]
Other Forms FormsRundel, Rundle, Roundle, Roundall, Roundell, Roundill, Roundale, Runnells, Runnels, Randell, Randel, Randal, Randall, Round, Rounds, Randle, Rundall, Runnalls, Runnals, Runnal, Redondo, Rundale, Rond, Ronde, Lerond, Lerondel, Roneau, Rondel, Lerondeau, Rondeau, Rondelet, Rondelleux, Rondelot, Rondet, Rondot, Rondou, Rondier, Runnall, Redonet, Redonin

Meaning & History

Nickname derived from a diminutive of Middle English and Old French rond, rund meaning "fat, round" (see Rounds), or derived from Rundale, a local place in the village and civil parish of Shoreham in Kent, England, named with Old English rum(ig) meaning "roomy, spacious" and dæl meaning "valley".
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