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Sale 1
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Type Surname (from occupation & from location)
Other Forms FormsLaSalle, La Salle, Salé

Meaning & History

English: from Middle English sale ‘hall’, a topographic name for someone living at a hall or manor house, or a metonymic occupational name for someone employed at a hall or manor house.

English: from Middle English salwe ‘sallow’ (a tree, a kind of willow), hence a topographic name for someone who lived by a sallow tree, or a habitational name from for example Sale in Greater Manchester, named from the old dative form of this word, in atte sale.

French (Salé): from Old French salé ‘salty’, hence a topographic or occupational name for someone who lived by or worked in a salt marsh, or, in a figurative sense, a nickname for an amusing or witty person.
Added 7/3/2017 by TanorFaux

Sale 2
3. usages AND description are verified
Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage Sardinian

Meaning & History

Derived from Sardinian sale "salt", this name denoted a producer or seller of salt.
Added 2/17/2023 by anonymous