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Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage German, Jewish
Other Forms FormsSchuch, Schue, Shue, Schule, Schüle, Schuele, Schuck, Schug, Schu, Schuhmacher, Schumacher, Shoe, Shoemaker, Show, Shew, Schoo, Schow, Shomaker, Shoemake, Shumaker, Shewmaker, Shewmake, Schoemaker, Schuchardt, Shuck, Schomaker, Schoonmaker, Schumacker, Schuhmann, Schumann, Schuchmann, Schuchman, Shuman, Schuman, Schoemann, Schaumann, Shoeman, Schauman, Shoman, Showman, Shewman, Schuchert, Schubert

Meaning & History

Occupational name for a maker or repairer of shoes, derived from Middle High German schuoch meaning "shoe". In some cases, it may have denoted a person to a house distinguished by the sign of a shoe.
Added 1/4/2023 by General9696